Interesting communications crisis happening right now on the Internet.  As you may be aware, a Minnesota dentist apparently paid $55,000 to go big game hunting in Zimbabwe and (perhaps inadvertently) wound up killing a lion popular with locals and tourists:

The outcry globally has been quite fierce.  Consider this:

- the Yelp page for the dentistry practice is full of all sorts of negative reviews -

- the company's website was sluggish earlier today and now is completely offline (503 error often comes with an overload) -

- the company's Facebook page seems to have been taken down (perhaps by the company itself?)

And a great amount of venom spewed at them in many other forums across the Internet.

It seems like the company is trying to react on Twitter:

but I am admittedly a bit suspicious because:

1. The Twitter account misspells "Bluff" with only one F.

2. The Twitter account was created today and has only 36 tweets (at the time I write this)

Maybe it's real...  but I'm wondering if either someone set up a fake account... or someone took control of the real account.

Either way, we are currently seeing a level of Internet vigilantism in play here.

As communicators, are you ready for something like this?
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