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As some people choose to delete their Instagram accounts in response to the change in the Terms of Service, I ask... are you sure you are thinking through what you are doing?  
WAIT! Don't just delete your Instagram account! Across a wide range of social networks today, I'm seeing people deleting their Instagram accounts after Facebook changed the Instagram terms of service ...
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+Dan York Good arguments, Dan. I'm a recent fan of Instagram, since the Android app was released, and I love it! But I am disturbed by the changes in ToS, specifically:

* Instagram can share information about its users with Facebook (its parent company) as well as outside affiliates and advertisers.


* You (your identity) and your pics could star in an advertisement without your knowledge.

If continuing with Instagram means going along with this, then I choose not to - and so I intend to close my account. It is likely it will mark the end of my Facebook account as well.

We all have choices. But I for one will not play by their new rules.

You make an interesting point in your post re simply not using your Instagram account after January 16, the date the new ToS will become applicable: they say all your pics uploaded prior to that date won't have the new ToS re data sharing, etc, applied. But do I believe them? I'm not sure that I do. Still, it's an option worth considering  (with, for me, similar treatment re Facebook).

All that said, I'm not taking any action until right before the implementation of the new ToS on January 16. A lot can happen between now and then.
One other reason to keep it open is that while, personally, you may not be impressed with the changes, the odds are that the vast bulk of users will just shrug their shoulders and get on with it, so as a PR and communications expert you still need to keep tabs on the channel.
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