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Continuing my series on "barriers to blogging"... often times the hardest part of creating a blog post is actually starting the writing!
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I don’t wish pre-empt your next post, but the biggest barrier for me is the blogging system itself, in my case WordPress. Combine with writing (and coding) the perfect post, and that pretty much explains why my blog can sit idle for a month or more.

Seriously considering switching to a simpler system that allows me to save Markdown files in Dropbox and auto-publish from there.
Interesting viewpoint.  Have you considered using an "offline" blog editor like Windows Live Writer (obviously on Windows) or MarsEdit (on Mac)?   They give you a very simple application and editing interface that lets you focus on writing and takes care of all the coding behind that.  You can still switch to HTML view to code away if you want, but the rich text editing interface can make that easier.
I tried Marsedit last year, but something put me off—can’t recall what it was. My hunting around has thrown up Textpattern, which doesn’t really make life any simpler, and Scriptogram. 

Scriptogram is about as basic, and simple, as it comes—Markdown files > Dropbox > Published. I set up a basic test blog earlier this year. Maybe what I’ve been looking for has been under my nose all the time.

Textpattern is one of many CMS’s I’ve considered. It’s documentation is second to none, but there’s a learning curve I don’t have time for at the moment.
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