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Intermission of burgers & concluded by a split field on my favourite area. Ez nice 
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Make it so 😄

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With all this complaining about the new G+ I've seen, I think it can be once again put down to "I don't like change".

On the hole, the design is cleaner, faster, easier to post to communities, easier to get to collections and nicer scrolling
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No hangouts, no events, no polls and i look more like Facebook that google+  with the single/double column and
 the horrible amount of white space that you can't use for anything 

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Spread the word about ‪#‎AnkerRewards‬. Don't miss out on 100,000 free gifts, released Tuesday.
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"Why could you possibly miss Aberystwyth"
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Heh, I've not been back since I graduated in '97

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Certs are sooooo important these days, and a CA being sloppy is never good news :-( 

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Raw fingers after this one :) 
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+Daniel Goldsmith give us a shout if you want to come along sometime. Got enough mats.
Should probably give trad a try up there too! 
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Under the Abaddon anomaly in Hamburg last weekend I was assaulted and robbed. I lost everything (passport, money, visa, mobile) and had a temporary amnesia, and when I finally arrived at the airport I was exhausted, wet and cold. I went to the  airport office and all the employees was amazing. I got food, towels, soap and a hot shower, and they lent me a telephone and a computer so I could contact family and the insurance company.
After several hours at the airport office and the police I fell a sleep on a chair. I woke up when I heard my name and Ingress on the speaker and went back to the airport office. One of the employee told med an organization called Ingress and that a man from Enlightened Hamburg was on his way to the airport to pick me up. I can't describe how relieved I was to hear those words. A short while after agent @LipovitanD picked me up and drove me home to his and agent @Silbermilch apartment  where I stayed until the next day. The next day she went with me all the way to the airport where both blue and green agents from Norway waited for me. Back in Norway me and my car got transported all the way home to my apartment.
The solidarity and care the agents from both faction is unbelievable, but this isn't the end of the story. The Enlightened started crowdfunding for me and I got money and a new phone. I've couldn't be more thankful and happy.

Even with a incident like this I will still go out and play, attend anomalies and other events. I had a great time before this happened and I met a lot of fun and great people in both factions.

And please stay together and look after each other <3

I would like to thank all of you who helped me and still supports me from the bottom of my heart, and a special thanks to agents:
@Magiclove (self-appointed caretaker)

+Matilde Tusberti+Tord Nilsen+Albert Mark​

#ingress #ingresslove
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+Google+ is getting useless like this!
Events were the most important feature.
Please bring them back!
+Larry Page +Sergey Brin 
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Seriously, they got rid of events? Well how on Earth are we going to organise things now {:-(

Dan Webb (Damacus)

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EGGY Farnshot SitRep

Goal: field over Aldershot and Farnborough to annoy the local 
smurf population. Secondary objectives are to keep adding layers 
so clearance becomes challenging without significant travel. 
Target 23:00 (11pm) Checkpoint 9th of November 2015.

Full SitRep:
Eggy Farnshot SitRepEGGY Farnshot SitRep Goal: field over Aldershot and Farnborough to annoy the local smurf population. Secondary objectives are to keep adding layers so clearance becomes challenging without significant travel. Target 23:00 (11pm) Checkpoint 9th of November 2015 Fail to plan, plan to fail. Wh
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Dan Webb (Damacus) originally shared:
Join us at Derby Silk Mill for a few hours of fun competition.

Part social, part competitive, Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organized meetup that happens on the first Saturday of every month.

It is a cross-section event, with an emphasis on meeting new people from both teams, and encouraging new players to join or level up.

Resistance Contact:

Enlightened Contact:
+Dan Webb​​​(@Damacus)

Venue for registration/Pre-event Social Coffee:
BEAN Cafe (by the Council House):

Meetup Start Point Portal:
Bonnie Prince Charlie,-1.476543&z=17&pll=52.924892,-1.476543

Social/ Cross faction coffee: 0930 to 1100
Briefing, Registration and Start point photo: 1100 to 1130
All Systems go: 1130
Battle Time: 1130-1330
End Time: 1330
Post event check in: 1330 - 1400
Declare winners: 1430 (ish)

Prizes for most Links, Fields, Levels gained more details to follow!
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Dan Webb (Damacus)

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Dan Webb (Damacus)

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Kidnap Rumours

I would like to reassure #Enlightened agents that the fabricated rumours, suggesting that I have been kidnapped by the #Resistance are not true, I am in the very safe hands of #Enlightened agents.

#BrandonBear #Enlightened #SillySmurfs
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