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Bad weekend for my photo taking. 

Really fun though, thanks to everyone who turned up to Liverpool!

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FABs. FABs everywhere.
Back in September, Hangouts switched from gray to green in its 2.3 update, ostensibly making the first baby steps on its journey toward join... by Liam Spradlin in Applications, Exclusives, Google, Leaks, News
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Reshare because fun times.
Less than 1 week to go till ingress first Saturday, hoping to see many of you fellow ingressors in Nottingham next week
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cough Castle cough
+Vicki Ellen
The 'South Pier Lighthouse' Ingress portal.,1.755848&z=14&pll=52.471453,1.755848

That's as close as we can get, unless we hire a boat!

It was closed for public safety in October 2013.

To make matters worse LightmanShard #21 has just been moved there by ENL. It is now totally safe from any RES agents on foot... unless they trespass!

I and several other agents have submitted Removal requests in the past. Mine in particular was first sent last year.
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Disabling comments on this. Please see other post on +Vicki Ellen​s link 
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So this is what I do for fun in Sunday mornings now.
Myself and our cell managed to help out in a small way this morning on this baby. 100 million MU, 24 layers 4.2m MU per layer, 25 million in Juliet 12.

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Fantastic bit of work!
No Mackerel Units there! ;-)

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You spoke. We listened. 
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So well done to +Motorola Mobility (UK) for providing what is possibly the worst customer service of any retailer.
Faulty phone arrives. Confirmed wifi/bluetooth won't hold a connection no mater what hotspot or device it's connected to. Full reset produces very odd results. So ask for a replacement.
1) Can't Motorola can't/won't provide  a replacement because it's within 14 days
2) Service agent says they can give me an Xcode for a voucher for the full cost of a phone (notice they can't give me a refund or voucher for the extra wooden back/£20 I purchased)
3) Returns label takes 24+ hours to come through
4) Return takes 48 hours to start processing when they had received the parcel. 
5) Phone up yesterday to find that they can't even give me a voucher for the phone, so have refunded me the cost. Except I bought it on offer (it put it into my price range) and now with £100 added back on, it's no longer a feasible phone to buy. 

Shame, the phone was pretty decent. And that's all I really wanted out of this, my Moto X 2014 with a swanky wooden back. 
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Sale of goods act. Statutory right to free replacement or repair (within 6 months of purchase IIRC, certainbly will cover just purchased device). If they say otherwise they are breaking the law. Don't just take my word for it, SOGA will be available online to check, or CAB or such like organization should be able to tell you.

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Now this is very clever ... Watch it ... The virtual tools bit had be grinning from ear to ear ( cleverness not humour!)
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Yes +Adam Maxwell​ still had the fork in!

Dan Webb (Damacus)

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Brian Koberlein originally shared to Our Universe:
Bending the Rules

Nothing can travel faster than light, so it is said, but that's only part of the story. It turns out that lots of things can travel faster than light, depending on what you mean by “thing,” “faster-than-light,” and “travel”.
It’s often said that nothing can travel faster than light, but that’s only part of the story.
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I try to explain it as follows:
You're travelling on a supersonic jumbo jet at the speed of sound. You stand at the back and shout to your friend at the front. They can hear you.
Therefore the sound emitting from you is travelling twice the speed of sound RELATIVE to the earth, but NOT relative to the SPACE you're in where it's only travelling at the speed of sound.

Dan Webb (Damacus)

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OP #AirCoverForHank

It was about time I wrote a sitrep, one year after I quit Ingress (for good, I thought at the time, deleted my account - level 11 back then), and some half a year after I started playing again, from scratch.

TL;DR version: one 4 layer gigafield, amounting to 416.810.520 MU ( 4 x approximately 104 million MU / layer), amazing international collaboration: Romania, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, and partially or entirely covering 15 countries on 2 continents. And what better time to create #AirCoverForHank  as he is heading to the ancient site of #Persepolis  , in Iran?
The long story goes as follows.

As if making the first ever Romanian multi thousand kilometers link to transport Lightman shard #34 was not enough ( story here: ).. we decided to make use of the initial clearing effort, the VRLA still in place, and actually create a Big Ass Field. I didn't even know what BAF stood for, before this (yeah, I had to look it up, as agents kept mentioning it on comm).

So after the shard #34 was successfully sent to Kazakhstan, it was business as usual. That means every other day @danboabes +Dan Boabes​​ would tell me he got keys from some city halfway across the globe, and that we should plan to make a big field. Today it's Svalbard, tomorrow it's Chernobyl, the next day it's Dubai, Singapore, and so on. After a while I started ignoring him.. having the keys is obviously not enough, and the planning, coordination and clearing efforts always seemed to be too much, close to impossible. But not this time! I was still a little skeptic, but lucky for us, agent @craiuVerde +craiu verde​​ got really (really!) excited about this, and soon dragged me into contributing to this plan.
Soon enough we were in contact with agents from Dubai, Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The easy part was choosing the anchor in Kazakhstan; we still had keys from the portal we sent the shard #34 to, and we knew the guys from Dubai had keys from the same(!) portal. Well, sifting through his huge collection of keys was not an easy task for +Dan Boabes​​, as we tried to select a good anchor in Dubai. But eventually one was chosen, "plenty" of time before the scheduled link time (4 hours away), and @craiuVerde and myself were still in Bucharest, planning, running for keys and VRLA’s. Yes we tried to create the fields before the very next CP. So back to the drawing board and coordination.

“Negotiations” with agent @clscoza(Dubai) started shortly after. Of course, who wouldn’t want to create such a field? But at that point we had only one layer planned. So we had to expand it :)
Yes, that meant taking down almost the entire town of Slobozia, as it was full of green blockers. Luckily one of our always extremely reliable local agents from Slobozia,@Hipernova +Eduard Emil​​ was already on top of it. Agents @ChieptanGeac and @Dima07 were quickly called in for support and off we went to Slobozia. Last moment stop, to get the Dubai anchor keys from @danboabes and extra VRLA’s, because he was unsure he was gonna make it to our anchor in time.


Russia (clearing lanes)

later edit
@LONGMAN +Avtandil Kikabidze 
Info just came through, I Apologize for this delay.. Special thanks to agent @LONGMAN, who had to postpone his own OP to field Georgia, because of this gigafield, so he basically awaited for the next checkpoint, on top of the mountain. Like a true mountaineer! Thank you, mate!

Turkey (clearing lanes)
coordinator:@elrohirisilra +Emre YILDIZ​​ 
@theoryginal +Orhan KURULAN​​
@inanc +üstün inanc bayram​​ 
@yolgezer +Soner ÇONKARA​​ 
@Battlegazi +Özgür Ataş​​
@tahtakafa +murat aksoy​​ 
United Arab Emirates (clearing lanes, upgrading portals to link range)
coordinator:@clscoza +Craig Smith​​ 
intel & support:@davydd +Guido Freitag 
@LevelEight +Atif Siddiqui​​ 
@YoMamaSoooFat +Tajinder Singh​​ 
@rhX8 +Raed Hakim​​
Romania (clearing lanes)
@mariusrazvan +Marius Razvan Varvarei​​ 
@aShotgun +Durlicioiu Albert​​ 
@SergiuD99 +Sergiu Daniel​​ 
@kykyneatza +Cristi Ciocîrlan​​ 
@ChieptanGeac +raluca vladulescu​​
@Dima07 +Dimi Ionescu​​ 
@Hipernova +Eduard Emil​​ 
@mariusrazvan once again drove for more than 4 hours, back and forth, clearing all the eastern part of Romania, in a huge area full of blocker links. And again, he and his team had to wait for the others to be ready (almost in the middle of nowhere).. I bow to thee, my friend!
Keys transport:
@sanshine +Andrei Streche​​ 
@blins +Arnaud Bellen​​ 
@danboabes +Dan Boabes​​ 
@tudork +Tudor Kovacs​​

This OP was full of interesting “side-stories”, but I’ll only mention two of them now (otherwise this sitrep would seem like an unending story written by a smurf as a sitrep, spanning on tens of pages :p).
After the shard battle, so many flip cards were used, that agents we don’t usually meet in person, because they’re too far away, ran out of ADA and/or Jarvis viruses. So in came the problem. Agent @decodorum would gladly help again, but he had used almost his entire supply of ADA viruses, he definitely did not have enough to drop all blockers from Fetesti. Nobody could get to him in time, to deliver more ADA viruses. So we placed desperate calls on the local channels, for anyone who would have (and share) an ADA code card, for another agent to redeem…  Response seemed late, and soon enough we needed a Jarvis code too, to send to Turkey…  As luck would have it, both were found in time, with one already redeemed, but a new one came through, so we seemed to be out of the woods.

The other one was about how blockers kept popping up in Turkey. Agent @elrohirisilra +Emre YILDIZ​​ kept finding solutions for the nasty blockers, be them green or blue.. But one was particularly difficult, because it was in an area where he had no contact or knew any of the local agents. His solution was to get to an agent he had never talked to before, who was only level 3, and he could not know that he could trust.
Hmm.. sounds interesting, risky and 20 different kinds of trouble, but it was the only hope. Well, how about the fact he was only level 3 and he had to take down a full level 5 portal, deployed by a lvl8 agent and shielded? Yes, he had 2 Jarvis and 2 ADA, but his max 5000 xm bar was not enough! He needed 5001 xm. He had also never used a virus before, he didn’t know what they were for. That’s when @elrohirisilra came with the brilliant and (should have been for me too) obvious solution: he only destroyed one resonator, portal became level 4, and he could easily use a Jarvis to take it down. Amazing!
Just like in Turkey, blockers kept popping up in Russia, and our fellow Enlightened agents were kind of busy with the shards and other local OPs of their own. After all, we had just decided we were gonna try the field.. So word came through from agent @sprw that blockers on their side could only be dropped at least 30 minutes after the CP. Decision time.. Do we still go with it? Will the other lanes remain clear? Do we take a chance now, or do we postpone? Do we cancel?
Agent @LevelEight +Atif Siddiqui​​ in Dubai had already been waiting for quite a while, it was way past midnight there, and the following day was a working day in UAE. We decided to go for it. So, some 30 minutes later, all blockers were down and it was link time!

The “legal” speed @danboabes touched while driving to get the Romanian anchor in time will not be mentioned publicly. Nor will the car trouble he had, or how other mates are currently sleeping on the door mat.. for being so late (home) that night :D

Before I forget: thank you agent @IsamuSosamu[KA] +Polivkin Dmitriy​​ for keeping the target in Taldykorgan green throughout the operation!

And so the first ever gigafield planned in Romania was created: Slobozia [RO] - Dubai [UAE] - Taldykorgan [KA], and then three more of the kind :)

@LevelEight  : 104.194.776 MU
@danboabes : 104.199.192 MU
@craiuVerde : 104.201.472 MU
@SmurFracker: 104.206.244 MU
Thank you all for the first ever (successful) international OP that I’ve had the honor of being part of! We worked as a great team and we managed to bring Enlightenment to more than 400 million minds! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Many thanks go to the Romanian Enlightened community, the members of which keep the spirit of Ingress alive and who support us in all of our endeavors!

Until next time,
agent @SmurFracker 

+Ingress​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​​ +Joe Philley​​ +Enlightened Grassroots​​ 
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