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Dan Weatherman
Father, Coder, Developer, Knight, Ranger, Ninja, Pirate(nautical), etc... (some facts may be embellished)
Father, Coder, Developer, Knight, Ranger, Ninja, Pirate(nautical), etc... (some facts may be embellished)

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Calling all G+ folks, I need some help.
I'm trying to track down some archetype fantasy avatar icons that can be licensed for an RPG I'm working on.  I would like to find some in a style similar to the old Baldurs Gate portraits. (example shown)

Does anyone have any resources for this sort of thing?  I've been attempting to use my Google fu but am coming up with either very shady sites, or uncertain licensing terms.


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Started messing around with Playmaker...  Now I can visualize my spaghetti code in all of it's chaotic glory.  
Seriously though... it's pretty freaking cool.  I don't think I've used any actions other than "call method" but it still easier to see how states flow.
A++ would do business again.  Much wow


Ok G+ universe.  iGoogle is shutting down in 7 days.  Personally, I'm pretty much a sad panda.  I LIKE my iGoogle page.  

Anyway, the question on the table is, what are you folks using as a replacement?

30,000 people chose PS4 over the Xbox One on an Amazon poll.
In other news, these people will not be on XBox Live.

I love it when a plan comes together...

XBox One is a much better deal from the game publishers point of view.  The model of requiring a separate purchase for a used game has been alive and well in the PC space for a long time now.  If it's economically enticing, more developers/publishers will target it.
I predict it smoking the hell out of the PS4 by a year after launch.  Microsoft has a lot of "long tail" strategies coming together in the console.
Even though there is nothing but bitching happening now, this will be the dominant console in the end.

#notfollowingthecrowd  #imho

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Fellow okie posted this.  Got to love his sense of humor!

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Picked up a new book yesterday and am really enjoying it.  Nostalgia overload!  For those game dev types in my circles, this hits pretty close to home.

I apparently have willpower issues.  I'm typing this on my new Surface Pro!

+Richard Garriott de Cayeux , that was an awesome screen cast you just had.  I'm having nostalgia overload at the moment.
I'm looking forward to SotA and have backed you guys on kickstarter.
Best of luck to you and your team!
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