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I think it's too limited a data set for me to care about as an individual user: 95% of the content on Facebook is utter drivel.
It might be highly beneficial for marketing companies wishing to profile and target us.
Of course, you'll need to be logged in to Facebook to do a search, and what you search for will tell Facebook a lot more about you. So no thanks, I won't be searching for anything there (unless it's REALLY boring).
Tiny typo. I think you meant to say "...Not how I use it" instead of "but it’s now how I use it"

But, on-topic. I think it also assumes you have a huge group of "friends". I am definitely not going to get any useful information from my relatively small group of Facebook followers.
Zuck will realise this, and will open up Pandora's box by letting you search through unknown Facebook people's posts as well.

I don't see it working, especially with the apparent lost interest of the younger kids, but then again I am not the internet billionaire...
yes, the compelling and resplendent sarah downey nails it, once again. I forgot about the implications to dating sites in my piece. gotta sneak that in, now. thanks SAD.
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