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part III in my series about spammy infographics, lead generation, telemarketers, and the for profit education world, aka "your tax dollars at work."
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Just got caught up on all three stories. Hell of a series there, mate.
thank ye. and I made nearly $200 writing them, by my reckoning.

all because that twerp at pissed me off.

glad to see you documenting this as I too was contacted by these people and wondering what their objective was....

along those lines - I recently saw an infographic posted on Forbes which is accredited to a spammy sounding site (similar to the online schools).

I suspect it is a similar scam as the one you wrote about - or maybe even the same people... sad that they are getting linked in high profile places. 
yep, the very same. mashable is also particularly susceptible to this.
is it worth attempting to alert them that they are perpetuating potentially malicious links?

given all the media attention these days on advanced attacks on social and media sites - you'd think they'd be a bit more careful about what they are promoting to their viewers
that presumes anyone cares. really, it's up to the bloggers, who are probably paid in jujubees and are just looking for something quick and easy to post.

I have posted links to my stories, when I see this. doubt it will change anyone's minds, though.
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