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Trilogy Meter

Nicely done.
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What about "new" Batman trilogy? Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

Seems pretty accurate.
Really? I think Alien 3 is one of the best out of the series. Then again, I love 'em all. hard
4 - 6. SW 1 - 3 aren't canon to real fans. And/or no point in wasting a block for 3 white rectangles to represent the 1 - 3 trilogy.
Great stuff. The only one I really disagree on is Die Hard.

With a Vengeance is far superior to the second one and is on par with the first. Picking the worst Die Hard is easy, picking the best not so much. 4.0 is good too.
Very nicely done. And pretty spot on!
Am I mistaken, or is the first matrix ranked higher than the first Star Wars... cause that would pretty much invalidate the rest of the graphic.
I thought LOTR two was best of series but just my opinion.

Also "I'm Batman!"
+Tejas Richard is right. How could Alien 2, Terminator 2 and Jaws be ranked higher than the Godfather?
Batman must mean the ones in the 90's(ish). where in the first one Jack Nicholson was The Joker, and of those that was the best. So far there's only been two of our current Batman right? Or is my brain not working right?
Third xmen was good and second lord of the rings sucked
Would have to say, thats about right
I think I may be the only person who really loved Batman Forever - I thought it was so much better than the train wreck of the second film.
lol +Tejas Richard I don't think they are relative to each other; only to themselves within the
But then, wouldn't one of them always have to be a full bar?
yup..I love a good simple infographic
This is incorrect, there was not a 3rd X-Men film. I'm quite sure.
Last Stand - the one that killed Cyclops off at the beginning because he had the audacity to appear in the Superman film
My point is that it sucked so badly and was so far off the XMen I know, that I refuse to acknowledge it ever was made.
This is great!  Please tell me you have "THE TRILOGY METER, PART II" & "PART III" out there to complete the trilogy of The Trilogy Meter Trilogy.  :)
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