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Types of Post Commenters

Here's one I come across often. Do you have a particular type of commenter you see often?

One Word Willy

This is the person who constantly leaves one or two word comments such as "wow", "yeah", "cool". And nothing else.
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The right wing asshat that has to turn everything into a debate about taxes and big gubment.
You'd think that a plus one would work as well as a one word response.
"Do you have a particular type of commenter you see often?"

I haven't thought about it... if I had to stereotype/ collectivize commenters... i don't know, i occasionally get responses i can not make sense of... like can't even tell where they are coming from or trying to go... and it is every time they post
+Harold Chester True. In this case, however, it's just them trying to be social and engaging when it's really not engaging at all.
+Dan Soto do you have a negative outlook on engaging commenters who only post one word?
I particularly love the person who makes a book out of every thing they see on +Google+ .

They create a foreword to their real point by using pointless explanations to take up more space in your commentary. They are anti-white space people who hate seeing their stream full of cat gifs and +Philosoraptor trolls.

They want to be taken as an intellectual individual who has an expression for everything, and a opinion as if their middle name was wiki.

This person also Google's certain topics just be able to comment on them, plagiarizing someone else's hard work to use as their own, eventually making an ass out of themselves.

These are the people that get mad at other people over +The Internet .

I have noticed that many people seem to attract one word replies often... probably has to do with the posted content... I rarely encounter it on #philosophyfriday

oh and there is always the Japanese commentators who, despite google translate, have to go largely non-understood.
+Jeremy Dahl In many cases, one word replies are fine. The type of person I'm identifying here, however, is the person who only can come up with one word replies rather than trying to join the discussion.
I thought ill of one-word commenters until +Jaana Nyström reminded us all that this is a globally connected world in which everybody wants to participate, but not everybody is proficient enough in English to write a meaningful comment. So, "wow", "great" and the similar is their way to tell the OP that they want to give them more than +1 and write a good comment, but can't because their English is not so good.
I never feel compelled enough to write more. Most of my comments are one or two words. sometimes just not comfortable
What's the harm, +Dan Soto? They're not trolling, they're not disturbing anyone, they're just... not a very eloquent bunch :)

(We could try to ask them, but we'd get one-word responses)
I have a lot of people who tell me they are stealing my content for their blogs... but that's probably just me.
"What's the harm, +Dan Soto? They're not trolling,"

there are a few one word trollers in this thread actually :D
I have this exact opposite problem. Not as cocky as Raleigh put it, but a lot of the time I look back and think, less is more. Dan you always have the best discussions 
I've seen people argue that leaving a comment is more engaging than giving a +1. I would counter that if that comment doesn't contribute anything to the thread other than support then mission failed.
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