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Brilliant.  Although, I don't see not talking about it.  If you see it blatantly, you call it out for what it is.. but you don't just assume it.
I think what he means by not talking about it is that you don't have things like black history month, or "special" things that draw attention to a difference. Those things bring notice to a difference and only serve to keep some prejudice there.
Thanks for letting me know that I need to block you from my circles.
I honestly lost some respect for Freeman when he said Obama is not our first Black president.
+Chris Peoples  I think in that statement Freeman was trying to show everyone that race should be a matter in this, since Obama is not just African American but both.
+Friday Foster you commented on my post to tell me you need to block me because I don't believe in racism?  
People that should be President never will be.
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