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Yeah. Limiting our personal freedoms doesn't make us safer. It just limits our personal freedoms.
I would tell you more, but it wouldn't be politically correct to tug on this discussion thread.  One pull and we could unravel the entire fabric.
Murder is already pretty illegal and it doesn't seem to be slowing them down too much.
over here we put pot smokers in jail. 
Our prisons are too full of drug dealers.
If I were so inclined I could take cash right now and buy mail order fully automatic rifles, armor piercing bullets, and Russian cs gas canisters. If I can do it ANYONE can do it. Gun control does nothing but keep guns away from law abiding civilians.
Murder  = illegal
Self Defence = Lawful
+A. C. Eppley no walmart would just start killing their employees when they are about to qualify for health insurance. Oh and soylent cola, that would be a thing.
People don't understand that the gun genie is out of the bottle and has been for as long as the USA has been around! As far as guns go in the US good luck making any law to prevent  this kind of tragic thing from happening!  That nut spent 15,000 dollars worth of student loan money (his only  known source of income)  on weapons and supplies to perpetrate that crime. Maybe we should change the way student loan money is given out?
 +Paul Bosley  if you need a gun it is to (first and originally) protect yourself from your own government, and secondly to protect yourself because the criminals don't obey laws.
No +Paul Bosley, It simply means the people I'm shooting at don't respect the laws that protect and empower me.
+Paul Bosley your reasoning is flawed. Laws to not prevent crimes. They can only ever punish law breakers. Deterrents do not work, mostly because criminals do not think they will be caught or do not care. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Some of those people would still be alive now had they had a gun and the training to use it properly. In addition to protection guns are used for hunting, a vital subsistence skill in many areas of the country. And finally, It is MUCH more difficult to abuse the rights of a populous that has legal access to firearms, the primary reason the right to bear arms was written in the fist place.
+Paul Bosley so you are saying now that 200 years have passed, there are no violent criminals, oppressive changes in government, or animals that need to be hunted for food? Something doesn't become untrue simply because time has passed... please consider your words a little more carefully if you would.
butthurt coming in 3....2.....1
+Paul Bosley actually there are some legitimate uses. We live in a rural setting and while it is rare, occasionally I find it necessary to deal with dangerous wildlife. See the photo of my hat band as an example.
omg..I just saw what I did there
We don't have a law that says it's illegal to shoot people watching a Batman movie.  Right there's your problem.
+Paul Bosley the list of things you don't know could fill volumes. We will keep the guns thank you very much. I would bet any amount of money you will wish you had one next time a criminal threatens your life with a deadly weapon.
By the "logic" of many in this thread: Why do we have licenses to drive? People without licenses drive all the time. Why do we restrict minors from drinking? Underage drinking happens all the time. Why do we have any laws at all if some people are going to just ignore them?

I know this is a stretch for some, but many liquor stores and bars actually WANT to stay in business, and feel like checking IDs, however much it might cut into profits, is worth the trouble. Making guns harder to obtain doesn't mean crazy folks and criminals won't obtain them. It means they'll be more difficult to obtain.
I guess the key word is "criminals".  I am here in Colorado and James Holmes (The theater shooter)  "DID" follow the law when purchasing his vast arsenal. The problem was that because he wasn't a criminal no "flags" came up...a student with his only brush being a speeding ticket. Changing laws will not change a thing since law abiding citizens will still be able to purchase weapons legally, and "criminals" will still be able to purchase weapons illegally since they don't use the same source to by as law abiding citizens.
+Kevin Cole that is true. But logic goes both ways. By the logic of the other side of this argument cars, knives, chemicals, or any other thing that can be used to kill a human being should be made illegal or be highly restricted. People will murder each other It is unavoidable. If you want to start restricting things that kill people how about alcohol, tobacco, sugar, MacDonald's food, swimming pools, or pollution? Prohibition does nothing but put money and control over prohibited things into the hands of criminals. So unless you feel like handing the country over to organized crime like we did in the 1920's I think there needs to be a little less reactionary fear mongering and a few more actual solutions (such as; more prevention through counselling/medication and more attention paid by our vast population of derelict and unobservant parents and teachers)
Straight to the crux of the issue +Anthony Beck. If every place had open carry, I imagine politeness would make a resounding resurgence in modern culture.
Amen +Christy Sandhoff. The criminals I worry about are the ones with badges and arrest powers. Getting rid of the guns would just leave the public more vulnerable to that lot
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