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To all the Google/Android fanboys that are going gaga over the new G+ app, just remember they gave it to the Apple fanboys first :)
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with less features. We have more features :)
I'm not a fan so if they were going for an iPhone app look that would explain it.
Fanboys will be fanboys; making everything about teams (gangs) and rivalry for the sake of imaginary territory (peeing on all the things). And Dan, you're doing a great job of rabble-rousing! Carry on, and I'll just be over here all happy with my phone. Yes, it's an Android. ;-)
Yes, very true +Dan Soto. They were saving the best for last. You know, if there were any problems with the initial rollout they didn't want to affect the Droid users. ;)
We have hangout and Iphone doesn't. POW!!!!!!!!!
Sure, they had to get the bugs out first.
+Ryan Lestage did you post that before or after I actually did start one for 5 seconds from my phone? lol
I hate it. I am not going gaga. Apple can have it back.
They were suck of the apple peeps whining so they gave you a small bone to shut you up lol
Ok, let's get this straight people............for those of you that don't get it. There was no thought that said "Hey, let's build this iOS product".....and then an afterthought that said, "hey, let's build an Android that looks just like it!"... it doesn't work like that folks. These things are planned waaaaaaaaaaay in advance. The UI was designed for both at the same time although I'm not sure why it was released on iOS first but that really doesn't concern me.
I was curious too why iOS got the update before Android did. My guess was that it had to do with the screen size. As iOS only has 1 for the phone, and 1 for the iPad. It was probably easier to get theirs done 1st, where as Android has many various sizes that they have to cater to. Just a guess, as I don't know.
+Dan Soto while you're smiling about having it first, just remember, I can start a hangout from my phone now.

I'm sure you guys will get that feature soon. ;)
I realized that after posting it. Just too lazy to edit or delete it. Thought it might go unnoticed.
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