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TIP: Titles In Posts

I took this screenshot a couple of weeks ago to make a point about getting attention to your posts.  This screenshot was from Flipboard but it goes to show an important point.

If you want people to read your posts, you have to grab their attention first

The complete first page of this post does nothing to identify this "app" or what it even does.  Why even bother turning the page on this one?

This is not only a mobile presentation problem either.  Most people won't read past the first couple of sentences or paragraphs unless they have a reason to....especially when their stream is flowing like rapids.  You have to catch their attention above others if you want them to read it.

Not every post needs a title however.  It does help though in many cases.  How many newspaper articles would you attempt to read if you didn't know the subject right away by the headline?
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Writing (journalism especially) 101:

The first paragraph is a summary of the rest of the article and should answer the basic who, what, when, where, why questions.  The rest of the article fills in the details.
+Tzafrir Rehan That was one of the things that caught my eye about your "Do Share" extension.... I loved seeing that as I almost always added titles in bold print before that.
+Tad Donaghe That would be fine if there was a title though.  Without the title, you are summarizing an unknown subject.
Thanks +Dan Soto! I'm a big believer in titles, I went through a whole love-hate-love relationship with them on my WordPress site back when.
+Michael Pate Look at what Glenn is doing though on that page.  The subject is very apparent by the link in the first few words.  The link is a different color and, therefore, your attention is immediately drawn to it.....just like a bolded title.
+Dan Soto True but RSS Readers have never known what to do with his feed - although I guess that is less relevant now for the most part.
I love how we can use bold-print titles on our Google+ posts. That's something I miss dearly when I post to Facebook.
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