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I want this
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I want the barn with the moo-ing cow door. :(
Something I hadn't thought about in years... wow!
my son loved that one. I used to have to supervise because he would put his hand in the space under the car elevator and then push down on the elevator, crying in pain... yet refusing to stop doing it. still shaking my head over that. he drives now...
I spent many hours with that as a kid.
Nice find!
I wish I had one for my son.
These beat the electronic ones my kids had that would sing!
_ "We're Little People..." _
Gah! Make it stop!!!
They'd need to update the parking ramp sign to read "$20 first 30 minutes, $10 every 30 minutes thereafter"
My parents still have my old one. My kids play with it every now and then. They also still have my school bus
We must have had 3 or four of those garages.  We often built Lego cars that were too big for the elevator and then spent the next half-hour trying to get all the pieces out of the elevator shaft.
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