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Dan Shure
Owner/Consultant - EvolvingSEO
Owner/Consultant - EvolvingSEO

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Check out my NEW Podcast - Experts On The Wire - Here's Episode 2 With AJ Kohn!
Episode 2 of Experts On The Wire

In which I talk with +Dan Shure about SEO and associated things. Give it a listen and let me and Dan know what you think. 


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Kanye West - I Wonder - Piano Cover

Because I remembered you G+ folks don't mind me sharing music videos, and I haven't posted here in ages....

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Happy #caturday  and #happyhalloween  

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Marketers who are also musicians! Including me! Watch me play Kanye West on piano....
25 Content Marketers Who Are Also Musicians

Thanks to Andy Crestodina for including me in this list of 25 content marketing professionals who are also musicians. I'm listed for my part in Durham's own Bulltown Strutters.

You can see a video of each marketer musician performing, and upvote the ones you like! Special shoutout to my friends +Ric Dragon+Michael King+Bill Sebald+Dan Shure  and +Phil Mershon  all of whom are on the list and are way more talented than me.

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Here's another neat use of the Search Analytics API: download and process the data in R (a programming language often used for statistical analysis). 

Thanks for the pointer, +Mark Edmondson !

Does anyone know what exactly "time spent downloading a page" in "Crawl Stats" is measuring? Had a client lately who's analytics page speed got much slower but TSDAP (time spent downloading a page) was flat or improved. I'm going to suspect a hazy guess GA is reporting how long all the elements take to load in the browser and TSDAP is reporting something closer to server response time?

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If any of my G+ followers are interested, here's a little piano improvisation.

#piano   #pianomusic   #improv  

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Here's an example of how query data could influence search rankings. It was noted by +Will Critchlow that Apple is already ranking #1 for "watch". On the surface it seems like this may have happened really quickly, and Will is right to question if it's what searches want ranking #1. But in fact [apple watch] gets FIVE times the amount of searches as just "watch" - and I believe Google is ranking Apple #1 for watch because of this. Google can associate "Apple" the brand with "watch" the product category pretty confidently What do you think?

cc +Bill Slawski +David Amerland (for the interesting semantic search stuff going on...)

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Four Rules For Tearing Apart Your Client's Link "Wish List"

Often times clients will give you their link "wish list" - sites they want links from - just because they think it will help rankings. Sometimes our job is to help them refine that list and help them prioritize their efforts. 

Learn the four steps I take to determine if it's worth getting a link from a particular site. They do NOT have to do with domain authority or link juice!!

Tools Mentioned:
- Open Site Explorer by +Moz 
- +SEMrush 
- AdWords Keyword Tool
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