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Dan Shielding
Freedom Strategist - Shielding Humanity from Aggression
Freedom Strategist - Shielding Humanity from Aggression

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The minds of today's children will help shape the future. I'm working on a new book series. I'm also starting an online critique group with focus on writing & illustrating chidren's books, to meet regularly on Skype. Interested? #amwriting

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Chelsea Manning to be released! After 6+ years of wrongful imprisonment. Better late than never. Of course better never than ever. Hopefully Trump will be able to grant Julian Assange freedom as well, ASAP.

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Check out my 1st family vlog episode. This may seem off topic, but #parenting and #family is incredibly important. Hope you and your family have a wonderful, healthy, happy and fulfilling 2017.

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Genital mutilation... not cool... even if the victim is male.
#NonAggressionPrinciple #DoubleStandards #Sexism

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Please don't vote to force me to pay for mass murder.
#Election #Hillary

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Attention humans born with a Y chromosome who produce less melanin in their skin... You are not part of an evil race. You are only responsible for what you do and for what you fail to do. You are in fact a valuable human being with incredible potential to make a positive impact on others, regardless of your age, skin color or sex. The history you've been fed via books, stories, movies, etc. since childhood is mostly false and dangerous. The guilt trips you've been subject to all your life are undeserved.

Perhaps you were born into a western culture... a culture that has vastly improved life for human beings worldwide specifically through voluntary exchange, technological innovation, ethical principles and a greater degree of individual freedom. We owe it to our kids to defend and preserve these ideas, within our sphere of influence, to grow that influence, and to reject the ignorant myths, accusations, demands and unethical behavior of others, used to shatter our self-worth, our accomplishments and our freedom.

#Disseminate #history #culture #NativeAmericans

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If you value freedom, "wealth creation" should be one of your top priorities. Therefore, by the end of this month, I'm either joining or forming a mastermind group focused on wealth creation. Anyone interested?

I'm envisioning 4 to 5 members meeting in an online video conference, for 1 hour at the same day / time every week, to provide the mutual exchange of brain power, experience, feedback, support and accountability toward the creation of wealth, to effectively expand the freedom of each member.

If you're interested in joining such a group, or if you're involved in a similar mastermind and seeking a new member, please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

#mastermind #MastermindGroup #WealthCreation #Freedom #Disseminate  
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