I was listening to this past week's TWIG on my drive to work this morning and I was kind of dismayed to hear +Gina Trapani, +Leo Laporte and +Jeff Jarvis say that giving something +1 only benefits Google. Anything that increases the odds of my content being found (whether globally or within a social circle) is good for me as the content creator.

If people +1 this post enough and it ends up the "What's hot" section of G+ that will - in theory - lead more people to see the content that I provide, both on G+ and in the world. If people +1 my site or my blog post and it shows up higher in search results, that's also beneficial to me as the content creator.

I agree that the lack of ability to analyze our individual +1s is a feature lacking in G+ (and in Facebook for that matter - post likes disappear into the ether) but this lack of value to the +1er doesn't translate into value only for Google.
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