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Hey, wait, Google's documentation for ensuring you get images and descriptions in your G+ shares does not itself use the description or image properties.

There are just three bits of structured data on the page:

o itemtype="Article"
o itemprop="articleBody"
o itemprop="datePublished"

I can see not having "image" (the image in the shared snippet roughly defaults to the first significant image in the page, absent a specific "image" property), but certainly "description" should be there.

And a "name" property for the title that would provide a more descriptive result than the generic Google+ Platform -- Google Developers (although the <title> tag itself is partially to blame here).

Documentation should exhibit best practices for that which it is documenting (sez this former tech writer, anyway).

+Ade Oshineye?
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There's a number of issues with the specifications, as I discovered when I tested different permutations of snippet generation:

Google+ Snippet Customization Update

No face -> palm type problems but (in your spirit of constructive criticism) I do wish to point out, in case +Ade Oshineye or +Maile Ohye encounters this post, that this markup presented in the "Proper Example" is flat out wrong:

<meta itemprop="title" content="Top 10 Most Challenging Hikes in North America" /><br/>

"title" is not a property.  As you'll see if you visit...
... is a property restricted to the item type JobPosting.

The correct markup here should be (if you're using <meta> to declare the itemprop - when actually you should be using the on-page title:):

<meta itemprop="name" content="Top 10 Most Challenging Hikes in North America" /><br/>
Hey, to be fair I've seen Google move very fast to update docs once I've reported a bug... A few hours in one case!
+Dan Scott One can only conjecture how a few-hour-fix error differs from a multi-month-ignore error. :)
LOL - you're way more diplomatic than me +Dan Scott (thinking of your hashtag disclaimer on the linked post:).

+Jarno van Driel So we may indeed see a rapid update.  Main upshoot here is that +Gabriel Doliner's climbing pictures have made me jealous.  Where I work we have a soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court ... but NO CLIMBING WALL.  So I'll allow myself to re-use Dan's hashtag:
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