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So, +Android Police is basically going through the cardboard boxes stored in the Android team’s garage labeled OLD PHOTOS, COLLEGE NOTES, and WORKOUT GEAR.

As JJ Abrams will tell you, the Mystery Box should usually stay shut, but it's worth explaining this little bit of magic:

System UI also houses image files of the red Jelly Bean in various states of construction. These are named "readbean[0-2]", and "redbeanandroid". These guys are probably used for the Bean Flicker Easter egg, but the interesting thing is that these are the only colors.

The red bean is the only one we need. The final colors are chosen at random and chroma keyed using a ColorMatrixColorFilter:
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It's always fun to read about Easter eggs, and Google has no short supply of them.
Is it just me, or is on-the-fly chroma keying, like, the coolest thing ever? I'll update with this. Thanks!

And thanks for shipping strange things for me to dig through. This is fun. 
I am so happy that the Jandycane made it into the release.
Hot Coffee round 2! Or not.
I love the speculation about Jandycane.  So many mysteries. ^^
The word "Jandycane" still makes me happy.
Beandroid and the Jandycane are both cute!

Also, I wish someone'd ring back the bean flinger easter egg as an app! I think it was the best easter egg, though I haven't used them all...
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