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I love the industrial design of the Q. If you've ever picked one up, you know that it's heavy. It packs a ton of electronics, including a 12W amp, in a very small space; it could have been a slab, but instead it's a sphere: a cannonball, really. The top hemisphere is a volume knob and is mostly hollow, so all that mass is collected in the base. And here's the genius: to drive this point home, the bottom of the sphere is flattened, as if crushed by the sheer density of the thing.

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Wish they would give it a refresh!!
That's the most beautiful piece of electronics I've owned, and one of the most beautiful ones I've seen anywhere.
Really would be a shame if this beautiful piece of hardware ends up just another forgotten footnote in the history of Android. Still holding out hope for that long awaited software update.
I'm in need of just one more of these beauties. Hopefully I can get it from Google instead of an e-bay hawk :)
Seriously sad that I didn't follow through with my initial reaction and get one when the getting was good, I was waiting for a little drop in the pricepoint. I wasn't expecting it go all the way to "no one can buy them". 
...but I don't want a pretty unstackable object! I want a boring slab that sits with everything else and has awesome functionality I love.
I hope that's the alpha model you doodled. xD
+Zak Shuboy The alpha model has an awesome brass bottom. I have one in my office (nonfunctional, purely decorative).
Nice, never seen a pic of one before. I bet it tied the whole office together. /thedude
If you'd ever seen my desk you'd know that nothing could possibly tie my office together. #abidethismess
+Andrew Oplinger - Nah, the "command line of hardware" is rack-mount test equipment -- something only an engineer could love, most people couldn't even begin to use, and those engineers couldn't live without. What I want is something more like, you know, ordinary sensible hardware.

I personally do think the Q's first incarnation goes a bit over the top in form-over-function.

(But I agree that yes, it does look extremely pretty, and has incredible table presence! Everything the OP says is true. Also, nicely drawn.)
I love my Q, and I'm very much looking forward to the day it pops up asking to be updated..
Some unsolicited feedback for the invisible @Home wizards:

Assuming the Q still lives, put its NFC chip to work by turning it into a USB active NFC device which enables bi-directional Android<->Chrome beam (e.g. touch phone to Q, chrome app/tab opens with the same context). That new DIAL protocol by Youtube/Netflix seems like it would enable this. There might also be merit in remote beam (Android->Q->Android) since that could enable some interesting use cases. All in all, the Q would become sort of like a "continuous client bridge" which sits on your desk and enables seamless context switching between all your devices whilst looking cool. excuse me whilst I sneak out and pretend I didn't hijack. 
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