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How to set up a "" redirect in one .htaccess line:

RedirectMatch ^/\+(.*)$•PLUS•ID•HERE$1

For example, mine is:

RedirectMatch ^/\+(.*)$$1

This causes to show my posts by default but allows you to append "about", "plusones", etc, e.g.: .

(Inspired by +Ade Oshineye and many others.)
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You could just wrap it in an <iframe />
Yeah, but I don't think G+ supports CNAME stuff yet. Let me know if you figure it out, though!
G+ detects IFrames? That'd be interesting ...
... prolly "prophelatic measures" to avoid having contents hijacked.

/me isn't fond of HootSuite and such, not even StumbleUpon.
Any possible way to transfer this to a web.config file? For Windows Server users?
I'm sure it can be done; it's just a 302 redirect. I'm just not familiar with web.config
Actually, based on five seconds of Googling, this might work:

<rule name="Redirect to Google+" stopProcessing="true">
<match url="\+" />
<add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="^$" />
<action type="Redirect" url=""
redirectType="Permanent" />

Or something. Try at your own will.
Yeah, I havent touched web.config in a while but if i have a choice of windows or linux always wins ;)
+Rob Bredow suggested vanity URLs; this is a nice workaround for that, for those with their own domains.
Using mod_rewrite seems like the long way around, not to mention it adds additional overhead to the web server (all be it a minute amount). For an easy way that works with any web server, including IIS, simply create a folder named '+' on the web server and have the default page do a redirect.
A simple rule in the htaccess did it for me. No mess no much.
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