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The NEXT Power Searching MOOC will be launched next week!  This is the ADVANCED class.  If you took the first PowerSearching class, you'll definitely want to check this one out.  It's lots of fun.  (At least I think so.)  

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Thank you Mr. +Dan Russell I've done my subscription.  We'll be there together. Until there then!  The first PowerSearching class was great. Thank you for your excellent lessons and his great teachings.  I hope this "advanced" is even better!  
+Dan Russell I drop behind in first class, i just watched 3 session, could i continue it?
the site says i Cant!
Thanks for continuing this series.  The first was great and full of useful tips that I use daily!
+Milad Sobhkhiz  You can't take the midterm or final.  (We run those only when we have the official course.)  BUT you can work through all of the lessons and testing materials.  That will get you up-to-speed for the Advanced PSWG class. 
It was great meeting you at the Hawaii Summit and speaking with you before you delivered an amazing keynote speech. 
For a search expert (that works at Google no less) you were surprising hard to find on G+. I went through 10 various ways to spell Daniel M. Russell before you finally showed up
Find it hard and time consuming the first challenge, even so, i have managed to find the right answer. Between job and family i hope to answer the next 5 challenges.

and now :-) turtle fossils
Well... it IS "Advanced Power Searching," so you knew it would be extending your skills!  

Hang in there.  I think the work is worth the reward. 
Dear GooglePower Search Team,
We have not receive yet Google Power Search Advance Certifcate yet , please send us asap., we already complete this course on 11 Feb 2012 , I am ur old user from 1st day google power search
waiting for Certificate.
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