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Been searching, but can't seem to find my answer. From the play store, it is suggested to not use this with a Pixel phone running Nougat... Is this still true?

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Neat way of making a knife, from beginning to end.

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If you like damascus, check this out!

Aside from buying Small Business Server, is there any way to use this with my own server (WebDav or other)?

Is there a way to pool resources? That is, if I have a DropBox and a Google drive, can my backups automatically just fill whichever drive is available / have space? Or is it only a 1:1 assign a folder to 1 drive?

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I thought the few times I've had to do large amounts of ASM coding was difficult...but try doing it using only exploits and NES controllers...BY hand!

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Just bought something from Newegg. Required to check that I read the terms and conditions.  So I did.  Read this under "Price Matching"

" does not price match competitors but will honor our advertised prices on For your convenience, all of our most current pricing is listed on our Web site and updated in real-time. Prices are non-negotiable."


I do not like how the new version of +Google Plus 2015​ now uses Chrome to open links within the app itself... Especially since there is no way to turn this "feature" off.

As I "sew" my ear buds to untangle them, I realize my home economics class was ahead of its time in preparing me for life.

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