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Scene around suspected Boston Marathon bombers house today in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
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did you walk down? what was it like for you today, on the ground?
+Alexander Howard I was right there. Suspect lived a block or so from my place. Actually, on Thursday when we were on Twitter joking about WoT and Song Of Fire and Ice, I was downtown and then in a cab trying to tell my cabbie "avoid MIT at all costs." We had some discussion of what bridge to take, took the science museum bridge onto Cambridge Street (which again, took us by the suspect's house though I believe he was in Watertown by then). 

Yesterday was weird. Early in the morning, I got texts, IMs and emails from about 8 different people at 6:45 a.m. I had fallen asleep on the couch watching news coverage till 2:00 a.m. or so. Once they found that he lived in Inman, I couldn't just sit at home. We didn't know what was happening then. I've been hustled and threatened with violence in Manhattan, I've had a gun waved at me in Richmond, Virginia, I've walked through sketchy portions of San Francisco at 3 a.m. and once fled what I think was a mob in Denver. I was conned in Seattle and Fiji. But, I have never felt to vulnerable or jumpy than yesterday morning, walking down an empty street in Cambridge right outside my front door. 

I stood on the tape line with other reporters for several hours. Honestly, it seemed like the safest place to be. This kid wouldn't possibly be stupid enough to go home, right? Bomb squads, hazmat, armed personnel, bomb dogs and your run of the mill state trooper came and went. I took pictures, tweeted what I knew. There wasn't much actual reporting to be done so I ... observed. I felt kind of empty. Spent a good portion of the day standing next and chatting up a Reuters deputy editor Ben Berkowitz and ran into old TBD colleague Sommer Mathis who is now at Atlantic Cities. 
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