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Rap Genius rankings restored

Cracking read from Aaron Wall on the back of the stronger-than-before resurrection of Rap Genius thanks to the mass of media coverage the story got...

"On every single day the number of new referring domains VASTLY exceeded the number of referring domains that disappeared. And many of these new referring domains are the mainstream media and tech press sites, which are both vastly over-represented in importance/authority on the link graph. They not only gained far more links than they lost, but they also gained far higher quality links that will be nearly impossible for their (less spammy) competitors to duplicate."

Obviously Google wanted to make a spectacle of the issue to highlight their anti-spam cause, but considering the plight of "Mom & Pop" businesses faced with similar problems the level of double standards is pretty impressive.

For the want of a greater voice for such a suggestion to be heard, a level of fairness would perhaps see the links gained while the company was penalised discounted?
If you want to stop spam, the most straight forward way to do it is to deny people money because they care about the money and that should be their end goal. But if you really want to stop spam, it is a little bit mean, but what you want to do, is break their spirits.
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