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Web Marketer, Surfer, Coffee Drinker & CrossFit addict
Hi, my name is Dan Rippon, and I do internet stuff that makes your business more money.

What I Do
If you have a website that's not getting you enough phone calls, converting enough visitors to customers, or generally looks like something you wouldn't show your Mother, let's talk.

My services include SEO, social media management & content strategy, with a particular focus on local business - which I generally see as the lifeblood of the country.

What I Don't Do
If you're looking for shortcuts to get your site to "#1 in Google in the next 48 hours, guaranteed", then I'm not your guy, but if you're looking for someone to help you get the most out of your web marketing, be it "do it yourself" or "done for you", make sure you get in touch via my website -

Google+ Community
I'm also the creator and a moderator of the Tweed Business Connections community. If you run a business located in the Tweed Shire, please drop by. The aim of the group is 'pay-it-forward' and promote / refer other businesses, or let everyone know about a great business you've dealt with recently.

Outside of Work
You can find me on my CrossFit blog - - where even though I don't write about it as often as I should, I cover WODs, injuries, nutrition and my PR's. So far, my CrossFit journey has seen me lose 15kgs and gain a life. Without a doubt, walking into a CrossFit gym was one of the best things I've ever done.

I'm also a keen surfer, and there's little hope that my kids will be any different, what with their Mum being pretty good on a board too.
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Finished in 64274th place at the 2014 CrossFit Open :)
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Tweed Coast, NSW
Gold Coast, QLD
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Dan Rippon

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There's surf photography, and there's Joli.

Reckon I could handle 10 odd days of surfing in the Mentawai's too. Not a bad combo from my mate +Jody Thomson.

Think I might get myself a lotto ticket over the weekend...
To surf PUMPING Mentawai's on the Indies Explorer with world famous surf photographer Joli, snapping your every move at no extra cost to you.
Greg Howell's profile photoJody Thomson's profile photo
Don't forget that passport as well mate cheers!
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Dan Rippon

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Interesting discovery by +Darren DeMatas.

Is Amazon "too big to fail" like +Tadeusz Szewczyk  says?
This Is What Google Should Be Cracking Down On...Not Guest Posts

To me this looks like a multi million dollar paid link scheme.

Mens Health Is Linking To A Product On Amazon. Please note, this is a dofollow paid affiliate link. One of 2000+ links from this "authoritative" site to amazon.

Amazon ranks #1 for this product.

Am I totally off base, +Matt Cutts? Isnt this a bigger issue than guest posts?

What does health have to do with rescue tools?

Pinging a Few People
+Ana Hoffman +Tadeusz Szewczyk +Steve Guberman +Ann Smarty 
Darren DeMatas's profile photo
Thanks for the reshare. Crazy to me that this is happening in plain sight and doesnt get any attention.
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Dan Rippon

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What's your favourite thing about working for yourself?

It occurred to me today it's about as close as I'm going to remember to the 5 year anniversary of my leaving corporate life and starting work for the best boss in the world - me.

I thought I should commemorate the occasion somehow. A deep, motivational thought about self employment or some such perhaps. But then I figured a photo of one of my favourite perks of the job would suffice instead. ;)

It's been an interesting ride, that's for sure. Some tough times too (it ain't all sweetness and light!), but working for myself has always been an interesting and fulfilling experience (even when I'm still working at 3am), and I'm stoked for what the future holds - so many opportunities, so little time!

And of course, living in such an amazing place as I am able to, and having a view like this on my coffee breaks, more than helps make up for the missed office banter... :)
Murty BVNS's profile photoTadeusz Szewczyk's profile photoRamani Mohan Kundu's profile photoDan Rippon's profile photo
It is a pursuit of 25 + years. I was trained there in advanced Yoga practices during 1988. I had to leave that place just because there is no way to earn money by staying there. I was young and ambitious to take up a career which satisfies my heart. Even though I don't know the term Virtual Working and computers at that time. I was in pursuit of a profession where knowledge, learning, sharing is part of it. With the introduction of computers and Internet I was eagerly waiting for technology to  be affordable. Now it is time. Now I am about to run a company with 3600+ FVAs right from there. ( In truth except for legal entity it could be anywhere :D) +Dan Rippon 
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Dan Rippon

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"Remind me never to shop there"

A nice concise reply from Mike Blumenthals on the desperate tactics being used by one local business owner... 
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Dan Rippon

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Need a website review in say, the next 3 minutes?

Here you go! 22 tips from the cream of the crop at Pubcon earlier today.

h/t to +Jason T. Wiser for the surface during my waking hours ;)
22 SEO Tips from Site Reviews at Pubcon New Orleans 2014

Conducted by +Elmer Boutin +Eric Enge +Bill Hunt +Craig Paddock and moderated by +Dixon Jones of +Majestic SEO 

Some tips that these experienced SEOs shared as they reviewed sites submitted by conference attendees for live review.

1. Don't make too much of the page images and flash that search engines can't use. Search engines need text to know what your site is about.
2. If a local site, put phone-name-address closer to the top of the home page.
3. Make sure Google+ page connection on home page has rel=publisher tag.
4. if you have both www and non-www, pick one and redirect from the other.
5. Buy the .net and .org versions of your domain to avoid impersonation.
6. Optimize your homepage title tag. All the most important stuff in the first 70 characters, including geo-location words.
7. Make sure your favicon is branded, not generic.
8. Only have one H1 tagged line per page.
9. Don't ignore meta descriptions, even though they aren't a ranking factor. Once your pages start ranking, they can make the difference of someone actually clicking your result.
10. Include site extensions in your paid search ads.
11. Don't have the same title tag on every page.
12. Don't start title tags with your brand name; you already rank for that!
13. If you get awards or other recognitions, ask for a link to your site.
14. Be careful about creating a lot of related sites and cross-linking them. Can look spammy to search engines. 
15. Make sure you have actual links to all your internal sections and content. Don't rely just on dropdown menus. 
16. Instead of just a testimonials page, fit testimonials into pages where they make sense to support the specific business use case. 
17. Organize site and homepage navigation around likely use cases and problem-solvers for prospects, instead of product categories.
18. Don't bother with irrelevant "blathering" content that obviously isn't expert level and obviously only exists to try to get search traffic.
19. More important than ever, especially if your business is built around your personal brand, the content needs to be from you. 
20. A red background as a button or nav bar communicates "something wrong here! Alert!"
21. Don't put your rel=author tag on any pages other than real article-style content by the person to whose profile it links.
22. Look at backlinks that competitors are getting for outreach opportunities.

#pubcon   #pubcon2014   #seo  
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+Dan Rippon unfortunately these tips only cover a portion of what most sites do wrong in terms of SEO but, hey, at least it's a good start! Thanks for the share mate
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Have him in circles
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Dan Rippon

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Wow. Bullet.... Dodged.

A client of mine was due to have her business feature in a live spot on national TV last night, but at the last moment it was switched to a recorded interview instead.

Client is now breathing a sigh of relief because her site is at Hostgator, and has been down since early this morning.

Unsurprisingly, we (like many others I'm guessing) will now be moving the site to somewhere with a better up / down time ratio than a kitchen toaster.

The lesson?

With hosting, you get what you pay for. Don't go cheap, because 9 times out of 10 - it ain't.

Photo Credit:
Kevin McMinn's profile photoDumb SEO Questions's profile photoDan Rippon's profile photoDarren DeMatas's profile photo
Cheap hosting doesn't pay!
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Dan Rippon

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Could just be me, but it seems appropriate to the quote in this image that I see the goose flying backwards...
The Mindset of a Self-Proclaimed Social Media Ninja

How do you feel about people labeling themselves as social media experts? Does it annoy you? Do you believe them? Do you think the world is getting flooded with these self labels? 

There is nothing wrong with someone referring to themselves as an expert. That is, of course, unless someone has no idea what the word means or are using it solely to manipulate. Unfortunately this is the case in most circumstances. +Dustin W. Stout goes so far as to say, “When it comes to social media marketing, there’s a billion and a half people claiming to have a clue. About 1% of 1% may be telling the truth.”

The Weapon of Influence: The Principle of Authority (as Robert Cialdini aptly labels it) is an incredibly powerful one and most people recognize this. If someone can get others to view them as an expert or authority on a subject, their views, opinions, and services seem highly valuable.

This is a snippet of the newest article at Site Sketch 101. For a much deeper understanding of what it truly means to be an expert or an authority on a subject, be sure to click through and let this information soak in.
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Dan Rippon

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Tadeusz Szewczyk's profile photoDan Rippon's profile photo
Ah, great, so I don't need to share everything these days.
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Dan Rippon

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Haha - this one's great. 

Kind of a shame it's not for real though, it'd boost your profile views, I'm sure ;)

h/t +Vic Gundotra for the share.
Introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs with +David Hasselhoff 

Google+ Auto Awesome is all about fun surprises that bring your photos to life. Capture a quick burst of photos, and you’ll get an animated GIF. Take a series of portraits, and you’ll get a photobooth-style collage.

Today we’re announcing Auto Awesome Photobombs. What’s more fun than Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at The Oscars ( Or Michelle Obama at The White House ( A good photobomb can turn an ordinary photo into something special and put a smile on your face. Now with Auto Awesome, celebrities can make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures!

We’re starting with +David Hasselhoff naturally, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting rockstar lifeguard.

To get your own photobomb, upload a new self portrait or group photo with friends, and leave a little room for The Hoff. He might just make a surprise appearance. :-)

P.S. You can also mention +David Hasselhoff in your public posts and comments. If you’re lucky he’ll add some awesome to the conversation.

#googleplusupdate #Hoffsome
Laurie Varga's profile photo
Ha ha, now THAT is awesome.
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Dan Rippon

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Might want to file this one under "very awesome tools that make your job much easier."

I've given it a test run on a few profiles today, and it does what it says on the tin - takes your confusing Analytics data, and turns it into "humanese" that your clients will love (as in, they'll actually understand it).

Feature wise, it's obviously pretty new, so don't expect the earth, and it's a high level view only (but really, what else would your / do your clients need / understand?), although I would like to be able to download a PDF of the report it generates (scheduled email only at the moment it appears).

Oh, and it's free for up to 10 profiles. #winning  

Ultimately I can see it getting picked up (or copied) by other tool providers like Raven or Moz, but for now, it's a keeper.
David Carse's profile photoShaan Nicol's profile photo
Signed up, ready for the report goodness. Thanks Dan.
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