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Now look here Young Lady! If I've told you once, I've told you hundred times; all these SNACKS, COFFEE, and the GOOD TIMES.... it's a DIRTY HABIT I tell ya! +Marsha Brofka-Berends and ALL YOU G+ERS out there, don't you think I'd stop if I could?! Too late for me I'm hooked. The best way quit is NEVER START.
Now go on get out o here!
Shad ep you! I gots a rep. To maintain! 
Well little Miss. if you must know, that there is what you call your CHOCOLATE ECLAIR..... That's what they call it on the THE STREET! Yeah see, and doesn't always start like that, no. First, it'll be somethin' SEEMINGLY harmless like a BOX OF MUNCHKINS at the office party. "Hey +Becky Wall try some. They're GROOVY!"
"Yeah +Marsha Brofka-Berends, don't be square! EVERYBODY'S DO'IN IT!!!!"
Yup, everybody's do'in it and before you know it.... YOU'RE DRINK'IN COFFEE!!!! Ever SEE the inside of COFFEE HOUSE sis????!!!! There's a reason they call 'em the DEVIL'S UNIVERSITY (or D.U. for short) As soon a you and your CLEAN LIVIN' friends walk in it's all right there!!! plain as day, in front of yer face; POETS (free verse) walkin round, ANARCHISTS (revolting), free thinking....... uh.. PHILOSOPHERS!!!! people with computers with APPLES ON EM!!! .....IT'S ALL RIGHT THERE.... EVERYONE - OF- THEM in SATAN'S RECIPE FOR RUIN!....
...Uh...and just like that unorthodox, unusual, morally questionable Sax music (that means saxophone) with a Latin percussion you and your friends will be FREAK'IN OUT to, it all only serves one purpose..... RUINING A GOOD GIRLS REP.
So what's the moral, you ask???
Now get outta here I gotta finish this.
LOOK, you know what they say: " don't hate the donut eater hate the...... uh... baker!"
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