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People always seem to get a kick out of the story about our battle with IE6 when rewriting Gmail, so I thought I'd write it down. It would neat to get more stories, kinda like +Andy Hertzfeld's Folklore at Apple.
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I remember that fun episode in Gmail history.  The web platform has come along way.  I feel lazy compared to the hoops we used to jump through.
Silky smooth scroll performance is the new dark art.
Thanks for sharing, Dan. I agree that it'd be great to collect stories like these.
Awesome post!
I ran into this for the stupidest reason ever: The tracking software omniture would deobfuscate its own code at runtime using complex string operations. When your app did just a tiny bit more string ops the deobfuscation would take 18 seconds. I screamed really loud when I finally found out what was wrong, set a break point after the deobfuscation in chrome and pasted the deobfuscated code into the source file.
Great job with the history. More please! Else it will fade into the mists of time.
I love how everytime there's an issue with ie they're like 'Not an issue, we did this on purpose for x reason, here's a white paper' . I swear, the worst thing to generally ever happen to the internet was the IE team. Well, that and geo cities... 
Good share! Always nice to share these sorts of experiences!
+Stephen Shankland Thanks, fixed the typo.

+Jack Morgan To be fair, both the IE and JScript teams were really helpful in both this case and others we encountered over the years. Admittedly, things moved slowly but that seemed to frustrate their teams as much as ours.

Also, in their heyday both IE4 and IE6 really pushed the web forward, they just outlasted their era. 
Sigh. On behalf of Reddit, I apologize.
+Dan Pupius I think that implementing silky scroll performance in JS warrants it's own post. Please, please do post your opinion, insights or experiences.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. So happy we stopped supporting IE6 but, for some reason, even the modern IE browsers ever work as nicely as the rest.
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