I hate those annoying UI errors you make that compound themselves.

Like you type a command in a shell. And then you want to redo the previous command. You need to cursor up twice to get it from your history. But accidentally you cursor up once and hit return. To correct yourself you now cursor up twice and hit return. But because of the mistake, the command you wanted is now three lines up and you do the wrong thing again. So you cursor up three times... All this is done automatically by your fingers and you have to cycle a few times before your conscious mind gets the message and you realise you need one extra cursor up.

Update: I forgot to mention the other example I meant to include. Something similar happens with task switchers in multitasking OSes. Make a single mistake with "double-home" on iOS or "alt-tab" on MacOSX and you may find yourself repeating it many times over.
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