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Google+ User Block Bug

I was recently blocked by a member of this community and could not see any of their posts and interactions on Google+ for as long as I was logged in as +Dan Petrovic or one of my pages, not even public posts.

To my knowledge I was never blocked before so I thought I'd use the opportunity to find out more about it. It's what I do... I guess.

I went poking around and with the suggestion of a fellow community member found a workaround to seeing the user's posts.

I found that I could still see their posts while viewing the community posts as a +Dejan SEO page. After setting myself as a moderator of this community I could see their posts again.

My findings are limited to Google+ communities only.

Additionally, I also found a bug in comment count on posts which contain comments by people who have blocked you. It shows one too many comments (e.g. 8 instead of 7).
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There have been various issues with Blocking.
The count is an old one.
There was a display bug originally (loading the page or comments may show the blockers comment until the page reloaded/refreshed).

What you discribe sounds like something new - and may be worth flagging.
So if I am right you say that if someone blocks you, you could still comments/post or do whatever you wanna do if you create a page and do those things logged in as a page, right? That doesn't sound right, does it?
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