This ladies and gentlemen is the most relevant Google image result for a query "white girl".

I noticed a few of my middle eastern followers all used one particular photo as their profile picture and thought the image popped up high in the results for search query "white girl". I went to investigate an found no such result. The results to be of a rather poor quality but at the same time they offered a nice glimpse into those other and overlooked signals Google uses to rank stuff.

This is what I'm hoping will come up in the discussion here.


I tried to improve the quality of my results by adjusting the reading level but instead of academic stuff I got more urban dictionary and eventually - pornography:

Reading Level:
Medium: (best quality of results)

Synonym Use
I even tried using a query "Caucasian girl" in hope to end up with higher quality results, but the signals seem to be so strong that it just seem to override and show me the usual "white girl" rubbish that the masses seem to enjoy:

Bing Results
Interestingly, Bing seems to provide better quality of results, minus the images:
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