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In the photo below I hold a mysterious substance, I'll let you guess what it is.

Anyway... the image is from the "Fun Stuff" category of our blog which contains a lot of fluffy little posts and not all of them could be characterized as high quality content by a search engine (e.g. just an image or video embedded, low social shares, low depth of content, uniqueness...etc).

Today we decided to noindex the whole category.

Have you had any experience with this or seen any impact in any of the Panda iterations since internal thin content mop-up?

Note that I like these quirky little pages and if it wasn't for Google I would probably decide to keep them as they are.
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I knew u were in to crystal meth. I knew it! How else would you be able to work like a robot and come up with awesome stuff. just kidding =P
The Beatles used mind enhancing drugs to write some of the most profound music in history. Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs to become an incredible Athlete.

You heard it here first. It's confirmed. +Dan Petrovic uses performance enhancing drugs to secure himself as the worlds best SEO. 

True story.
First it was Lance Armstrong, then it was the Essendon football team and now it is +Dan Petrovic
Silica Gel?

I hope the noindexing is good for you but I would not have done it.

We are better but nowhere near back to where we used to be on most sites so, perversely, I stopped trying to please Googlebot a month or two ago. We have not fallen into a heap so far and if anything we are a little better off.
Dude... there really is no need to put your sperm sample on public display. :-()

#justsayin  ;-)
LOL... and Jim gets it right.
It's silica gel, aka aerogel.
Interestingly I got more reactions to the photo than on the SEO question itself which is nice showing that this is the type of content I should keep.
It's content, it's your content, it's unique, it's original. So what if that content doesn't attract social shares? If you love it then keep. You should care about you, not Google.
Well we've experienced a recent drop in rankings to a much weaker competitor and considering cutting down on what Google may see as fluff to concentrate the core of our site on what Google might perceive as 'high quality pages' only.
...but would the Guggenheim be marked down for promoting a bubble-wrapped building?
No where near back to ur usual traffic Jim?    Why's that?
I was referring to the halcyon days pre-GFC, Trey. We'll never see them again, the market has moved on.
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