There's hope in battling negative SEO attempts
We need more control over inbound links.

Negative SEO attempts reflect badly on brands as webmasters may consider it a genuine attempt to spam them for links. For this reason we need the ability to self-nominate inorganic inbound links just like we can nofollow outbound links from our own pages.

In today's hangout with +John Mueller from Google I pointed out the problem of increasing rate of spam coming from SEO sabotage campaigns. If we're lucky we may in the future see means of dealing with malicious attempts through at least two suggested ways:

1) Google Webmaster Tools section to tell Google which links to ignore.

2) Statement from Google explaining the likelihood of negative SEO actually having effect in order to discourage further attempts.

Your Opinion

Do you support the idea of having the ability to discount links through Google Webmaster Tools?
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