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Just spotted a clumsy attempt at negative SEO
A couple (not necessarily involved in negative SEO) start this site called spam the hell out of it and eventually shut it down.

Their methods are crude mainly consisting of doorway pages ( and link funnels such as this one (

Profile / Wiki > Directory > Landing Page

Some clever cookie thought to go through some of their links and "update" them by linking to +Dejan SEO Melbourne 

Now they've either screwed up and linked to a deleted profile or the abused profile site cleaned up in time:

Time to run a link scan and update the disavow file again.
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+Dan Petrovic well spotted fella... It's the time it takes to correct everything that I find frustrating...
So they are doing it using GSA SER. In general - it links to their site only but in order to make it more natural it grabs the top sites in Google to link to them also.
That’s very interesting. I saw their yellow pages listing is ranking #1 for “SEO Melbourne”. 
They have just spammed it like crazy.
A good example of how an authoritative domain responds spam.
I feel we are at the dawn of the new age of spammers or corporate terrorism.
Negative SEO is becoming a very scary prospect.
Yep quite common recently AND is going to be even more common soon. This is kinda clever if you look from the perspective of spammers. 

IMHO, pretty soon it is going to get more common for authority sites to deal with such problems.

Imagine fighting with SPAM now, when whole top 10 has same spammy links. Much harder (not impossible) to find a pattern for Google. Definitely more innocent "Penguin victims" after next Penguin

Basically when u start a BH campaign now, you link to your site and other authority sites in top10. 
GSA can also get links from "authority" sites. ;)
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