SEO Nerd Talk: PageRank
You were warned!

+Giacomo Pelagatti prompted me to visit some of my PageRank-related observations over the years as an SEO... here are my favourites:

Diagram of PageRank freshness:
For those not familiar, realtime PageRank is different to the one being pushed out to toolbar 4 times per year. To see the discrepancy level you can check the most recent post which got PageRank value assigned and draw the line there,

PageRank in Science Fiction:
I am a hard S.F. fan and cherish the works of Clarke and Asimov but Sawyer’s novel WWW: Wake brought something entirely new and fresh into my reading experience – Google PageRank. Yes you heard me right, PageRank algorithm, Google, links, blackhat, search monopoly and open source alternatives.

PageRank Modelling Study in Gephi
This is an academic study of controlled PageRank modelling of a simplified link graph in a collection of three documents.

The Link Graph Theory
Theory behind evaluation of search result quality through algorithmic treatment of the web index. Read on and discover some of the fundamental forces behind search engine rankings.

Link Graph Visualisation
The above graph was produced by partial and combined Force Atlas 2 and Yifan Hu transformation with manual node colouring and colour-flow to outbound links.

Idea: Using PageRank in P2P Networks
At first the idea of algorithmic treatment of archived collections in P2P environment seems a bit farfetched, but there are some interesting developments in that area already.

Relationships in Large-Scale Graph Computing
Two years ago Grzegorz Czajkowski from Google’s system infrastructure team published an article which didn’t get much attention in the SEO community at the time. It was titled “Large-scale graph computing at Google”  and gave an excellent insight into the future of Google’s search.

PageRank Distribution Experiment
In order to reveal a small piece of the puzzle we decided to test Google’s crawling behaviour by monitoring the flow of PR through a complex iterative navigational structure.

SEO Synesthesia
Graphic making fun of PageRank obsession.

And finally a video of me talking about PageRank.

Please vote for your favourite! :)
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