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I woke up this morning, checked and saw a quiet, quiet day in the results. Something that looks like it belongs before May 23rd. So I'm going to have some fun, put my prophetic hat on and say that this is the calm before the storm. We'll see :)
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I think you're right, Dan. The next week should tell the tale.
And about bloody time too. Localised search results in the uk are so infested with directory, doorway and spammed pages I had to use bing last month when I moved house to find removal
, plumbers, storage, aerial. .... companies. 
Have the birds taken flight yet?
I am sticking with May 23rd guys :) seems most reasonable 4 me. But if it comes this weekend, I'm buying beer 4 all off u guys :P
So far I am getting more and more sure of the day I've picked.. :D
Al my UK sites are winners at the moment.
Having a look through localised results to see if there are any noticeable changes
+Dan Petrovic nope all seems to be quite normal. Regular up and downs. I will know first hand about penguin as some of my affiliate site are great peng. victim candidates :)
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