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Some people say, what's the point making your plate pretty when you're going to destroy its form in minutes. I say the form matters. Today I pan grilled premium angus scotch fillet with a side of guacamole, lettuce and steamed vegetables including broccolini, brussel sprouts, green beans, carrot and cauliflower.

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I'd share a photo of the "Fred" tri tip we had tonight but while it may be one of the finest steaks I've ever eaten, it isn't very photogenic.

The Fred Steak is a secret marinade created by a local butcher that makes the meat jet black. Many have tried to replicate, I haven't had one that can compare. 
Because pretty food rocks
Mark SM
I collected a salad.
Iceberg lettuce..grape tomato's.
I figure on red wine vinegar--olive oil.
I could run to the store--for some cottage cheese.
I have plain ol' onions..I could saute'.
Red and Green Bell Pepper.
White mushrooms...(I don't eat raw mushrooms)
I really do need the cauliflower--and the carrots.
I have a huge amount of frozen Broccoli.
And a half pint of heavy cream--for making butter.
Brussels Sprouts--are my favorite--cut in half...saute' in olive oil and spices.
i like it, but which meat u use , i didnot ger
Dana BK
The composition on your plate surely already has some destruction on it...destroyed cow
I'm trying really hard to understand this. 
+Israel Galvan lol, there's about 200g of meat in there. It's just the angle. It's amazing how this photo manages to upset both meat lovers and vegans.
And people who just want food on their plate!
+Gale Parman OK, added to the list. I would be happy simply absorbing minerals and photosynthesizing sugars but since I have a digestive system, taste buds, eyes and appreciation for design, I like to indulge in gourmet food when I can.
Dana BK
You are free to do so...gourmet? Gourmand!
+Dan Petrovic all I'm saying is if I ordered that in a restaurant I would think I was being ripped off. And FYI, your presentation looks very amateur. Throwing a few pieces of veggies and a nugget of beef on a plate and calling that gourmet. Uh-huh. 
Dana BK
Can I have my cake and eat it too?
It would be perfect if it had a pound of bacon
I would have put some food on the plate! Where IS the beef in your pic? I don't see it. 
+Dan Petrovic
With all due respect but I I'm the kind of guy that knows the consequences of most things if not all. I've done almost everything except fucked a man.. (lmao)
But why am I going to not eat what I want???
Shit, I am going to die, might as well die having tried what I like
I'd eat that as well, it does look appetizing. as a fat guy, I need to get the portions down, living in America has made me choose quantity over quality.

I do believe if the dish looks really good in terms of presentation, I'd feel fuller after eating less

time for me to get creative
Mark SM
My mom was talking heart smart in the 1950's. Warning me about carrying a lot of un-needed pounds.
She would jest--about muscle bound..celebrity's of her day.
I brine meat. I brine poultry. I brine fish.
My attempt is de-venomize the portion.
Remove the sludge and evil liquid that mass production will deliver in a package.
It does seem to work--my portions how-ever are not small.
At the age of 60-yrs. I am eating more of the fresh vegetables.
And I enjoy that.
+MATTHEW REECE you are not wrong. Studies show that charred meat, fat in particular have negative effect on health. If you combine that with a particularly vulnerable gene you could be looking at cancerous development. A well balanced diet sounds good to me. That said we all die one way or the other.
#occupytummies The reason we make our plates pretty is because as human beings we are visual creatures. Not only does it have to taste good our eyes are making it appealing for us to ingest. 
It depends on the food bring served on how long it will last on your plate.
Some people won't even know what is on this plate. Because not everybody eats vegetables. It's KFC and McDonald's mostly. I was shocked to discover that some children in the UK didn't know what cauliflower or cabbage was. Some hadn't even seen or eaten an aubergine. That's fast food for you.
replace the angus with 2 half slices of mushroom nut roast and enjoy.
The replies to this post just remind me why I hate humans so much at times. 
Disagree!! We eat with our eyes then our stomach.
+Brian Skirving Why? People have a right to state that the photo isn't a good one and that the veggies are not appealing. Maybe you should consider "hating" those who are terrorizing and decimating the earth instead? 
Lovely! very Arty and pleasant to look at! thank you
+Viana de León  You should learn how to white balance and expose  your photos properly before critiquing other people's photos.
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