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Oh, hi there!
Oh, hi there!

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Beware the Ides of March...
... and Frank Drebin

#IdesOfMarch #ImYourVehicleBaby
Today is...

The Ides of March.

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#AmReading Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens

Came across the word #trumpery 😅 and tweeted from my Kindle.

See the book info, I started from the beginning...

- The Pickwick Papers
- Oliver Twist
- Nicholas Nickleby
- The Old Curiosity Shop
- Barnaby Rudge

Already read!

All Dickens books for Kindle for USD 0.99 😍

#DickensChallenge #Kindle #Reading #Classics


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2017 Duck Tales looks amazing!
Not ponytails... or cottontails.


H/t: Ryan
#Disney #DuckTales #Tennant

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While easily mistaken for a ridiculous hairpiece, Prairie Dropseed (Sporobolus heterolepis) can be found throughout @BadlandsNPS

In addition to getting facts out on climate & environment, these Alt- twitter accounts are serving up some fantastic comedy.


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Pale Blue Dot, y'all. This too shall pass.
Still... keep feet to the fire as always.

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I'll just leave this here.


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The new A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix is truly wonderful
Lemony Snicket himself (or at least his representative Daniel Handler) is both an Exec. Producer & closely involved with the writing of the teleplays, so fans of the book series should be most pleased.
So immensely enjoyable... but you, and all decent people, should, of course, look away.

#LemonySnicket   #Netflix   #ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents  

RIP Princess.

#CarrieFisher #StarWars

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Turkey Day
To all my fellow Statesiders: a very happy Thanksgiving to you all.
To the rest of you: it's just Thursday--enjoy your boring dinner today.

#Thanksgiving   #GobbleGobble  
Blatantly stolen from Shawn :)
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