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Hurricane packing: Make sure you have a gallon or two of water, some non-perishable food, flashlights and batteries, a whistle, lite first-aid kit, a go-bag, and a knot of cash.
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Rob Go
+wet wipes
And an alternate source of power for your phone.
And, hyperbolic reactions aside, one should always have this stuff on hand. I'd rather be prepared than to be a sucker and get screwed when a disaster happens.
make sure you have gas or charcoal and lighter fluid for your can grill anything, just takes a bit longer than the stove/oven. And do not forget to grind some coffee beans and buy a french press. You will never appreciate a cup of coffee more than the first one after the storm.
Don't forget Sterno or BBQ equipment - basically buy everything you need to camp out. And, you can make a perfectly acceptable cup of coffee on a BBQ, but I find it easier to just buy a can of General Food International instant coffee - good flavors and just mix with water.

Also, fill bathtubs up with tap water before the storm hits. The water can be used to help sponge bath and flush toilets, and can be boiled for cooking use.
don't forget the pets. If you feed raw, keep some dehydrated raw on hand, an extra bag or cans of food, extra water, etc. if flooding, be sure not to let them drink the flood waters.
Nobody has mentioned the most important things: weed, lots of weed (alcohol might suffice for some people)
If you are planning to use a grill, please be sure to use it outside so you don't asphyxiate yourself with carbon monoxide. Also, add a jug of bleach for emergencies and cleaning and disinfection. You can always dump a little bleach in the toilet bowls to hold you over between flushes and stock 3x as much water as you think you might need in case you need to share or you're without longer than necessary. Keep bottles or jugs of water in the fridge and freezer to help keep everything cold in case the power goes out. 
And this is weird, but I found it helpful. Buy a large plant watering can. A nice clean one makes a handy impromptu shower when you really need one.
use vinegar instead of bleach. vinegar a) kills mold and b) won't create a chemical bomb on you if mixed with something else. It is also better for the environment. Chlorine bleach is a nasty mf. Sorry Michael, no offense.
Cheap storage containers from walmart and duct tape. Throw in photo albums and important papers then close lid and seal with tape. Portable and dry. Cheap also. Containers under $10 at walmart
And a bunch of rubbers. PC-less nights can feel super long :)
Here's what's in my emergency (Hurricane, Earthquake, Other) Go-Bag:

Make sure you have a backpack - keep your load to 25-30lbs
- bottled water
- cash
- Powerbars, high-protein nuts, dried fruit
- a whistle
- a small mirror
- a small toiletries kit
- a lite firstaid kit
- Swiss Army Knife and a steel baton
- one change of clothes (extra socks!)
- LED flashlights and extra batteries (plus some ziplocks to keep stuff dry)
- a sleeping bag raited for Spring/Summer
- small rain slicker
- extra AA batteries, iPhone battery pack
- local street map, notebook, and two pens
- handcrank AM/FM/NOAA radio

Yes, I actually have this stuff (and more) packed (more or less) in my apartment at all times. What am I missing?
I wish you could actually buy these for yourself, while still giving to charity, like OLPC. Unfortunately, it's just "donate to help pay for charitable deployment" model. Easily $1000+ worth of value if it meant survival for multiple people.
oh and no one mentioned this, but don't forget to take with you your manilla folder of important documents, i.e. birth certificate, passports, check book, social security cards. If your home is damaged, you atleast have this stuff.

PLEASE do NOT leave animals to fend for themselves. If you evacuate or go to a friends house... take them with you. If emergency strikes and you can't get back to your house, your pet is stuck. Have a boarding/ contingency plan in place for ALL pets; birds, snakes, bunnies, chickens, goats, etc. If you are told to evacuate... that means them too!
+Mike Salchert Good call on the iodine tablets - I'll pick some up this afternoon. I do have a few Lifestraws which could help in a pinch. Not sure on the .45, though - at least in an urban situation a gun could end up being bad news. However, in the wilderness no question you'd want at least a .45 and plenty of ammunition.

And yeah, you're right: being a Boyscout + growing up backpacking in the wilderness + living in the Black Hills helps a lot. "Be Prepared."
whistle is in case you are trapped within a collapsed structure so searchers can find you. Medicine and extra eyeglasses. Plastic sheeting for shelter, to cover broken windows, to catch rainwater, etc. Check on your vulnerable neighbors before and after and reassure them that you will be doing this!!
extra cell phone battery that is fully charged. just released a video that had the cell phone companies saying that often you can get a text through when you cant get a call through, that they will have emergency plans in place to keep enough power going through incase the towers go down. Also, run your screen on reduced brightness and don't try to surf the net, etc. texting uses the least amount of power. Power down when you aren't using the phone!
Someone already said but a GUN is one of the first things that go in my bugout bag... don't want the looters to have my stuff... :)
Wow. A hurricane is coming, let's get our guns. Haven't heard that one before.... 
Agree and BTW my stuff equal my family and friends... Living in Texas things are just this way...
Dude, apparently I'm in evac zone A, in spite of being up on a hill - buddy told me it's because of feeder streets that run directly to the East River under the BQE. Obviously I won't evac and will try to take photos/video. But might skip the office early to buy a few more gallons of water.
Ha - I'm a journalist - I run towards this shit. ;)
Be safe, Dan. Keep in touch and let us know you're ok.
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