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Dan O'Neil
Heart IQ Coach and Facilitator
Heart IQ Coach and Facilitator

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Relationships are hard work, but if you put the effort in they feel incredible!

Most people don't realise how important their feelings are. They are your feedback system and if things don't feel good, they become your fire to make changes. Confidence and courage are born from fear - if you suppress or ignore your fear, then you don't get access to your confidence and courage.

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I love this quote about confidence from +Soumit Ranjan Jena - so simple and so true.

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This is a great video with all the right intentions if you need a little boost to your self-esteem and confidence!

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Interesting post on lifehacker here, where they've taken someone's response to a question and suggested it as a fix for crappy self-esteem...

It's an interesting point, but it's a really negative and hard way of doing it imho... focus on what's not good about yourself and then fix it - for someone with low self esteem, that's like punching yourself in the face and telling yourself to get over yourself...

I feel a bit sorry for the person who shared the original idea on reddit, it's all been taken a bit far...

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Lovely heart felt message here from +Carrie Anne Badov about self esteem and kids. I'm surprised that Carrie says that "I'll never really be that comfortable putting myself out there" when in reality, just by setting the intention to do so, you feel better about doing it already!

Kids have the amazing ability to pick up most of our ways of being, even when we really don't want them to! So maybe, just maybe, the trick to good self esteem is to join them in their naked dance and learn to feel comfortable with ourselves (in the safety and comfort of our own home of course)!

This will only work while they are still young enough to really feel the joy of it! There's an age they reach where they'll be embarrassed, but if you have a good sense of self esteem yourself, that's what they'll pick up, whatever they say!

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Interesting article on Yahoo about high heels and confidence. Frankly, if you can take off the high heels and still feel confident, then they are working!
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