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It's easy because the ball just kind of floats in the water.

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Great article from +Daria Musk 
My indie-artist-investigation of Jay Z's new music streaming service +TIDAL and what it means for new musicians has been published!

"Many people thought the superstars standing on stage at the Tidal announcement seemed out-of-touch. I really felt like they were out-of-reach."

Read it now to discover what I learned — so far — when I asked, “Does a Tidal wave lift all ships?”

 Also read it because I managed to compare the superstars of  #Tidal   to the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. 🗻🙌

XO, Daria

Ps. Let me know if you like hearing thoughts like this from me! I had a blast writing it and would love to do more like it!

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And the site:
Looks cool! I wish I could go.

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There is a beauty in science.

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This sure brings me back.

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Moss is one of my favorite characters ever. Like Sheldon Cooper but much less insufferable.


When did the "Forward" button in Outlook become "Reply All with additional recipients"?

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Now that Movember is over, it's time for Moucember!

(P.S. this is the perfect month to write a children's book called If You Give A Mouse a Moustache)

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I can only imagine what an employee would think, coming into the office and seeing a robot attempting to escape from the room it's in.
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