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Here's the new Hangouts app! PSA: this will appear as an update to the Google Talk app already on your device.
Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emo...
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Also, there's a minor quirk that's making the app report as incompatible with tablets. A fix is already coming.
It's not working sir. It shows up, and says it replaces Google Talk, but it doesn't do anything when you open it direct from Play Store. It just takes you back to Google Talk. Reboot and disabling of app don't work either =/
Thanks. I already wondered about the N7.
Please tell me there's a workable desktop app. I can't abide the in-browser version.
+Dan Morrill Interesting that it confirms phone number for SMS.  Further SMS/Voice integration?
Anyone having the same issue I am? It's happening to multiple users I'm trying to test it out with.
Chrome extension will work for my Chromebook, but not for my desktop. I don't want to kill all my chats if I have to close the browser and restart.
ugh.. i searched Google Hangouts / hangout / hangouts and nothing
populating in the App Store yet.
I'm curious what bits are set or missing on the Nexus 10 that makes it not an install candidate.
I was just getting open...I used titanium backup to remove Talk...and then I was able to update...
+Morgaine Fowle It takes a telephony-related permission, which causes the feature-inferencing system to assume it requires telephony; they need to explicitly say they do not require telephony.  One-line manifest change.
+Warren Dickson I'm rooted too, but it shouldn't require TiBu to function, as not many people are rooted.
When will it support Tablets? It seems to only to be working for phones.
Does anyone know how I can get to the web version of it, from where I can continue my group conversations?
Guo Zi
I don't think the launch is screwed. I do disagree with the decision to require chrome to be running for any kind of autonomous chat (on desktop), but that's tied to the vision for Chrome OS. I understand it even if I don't agree.

The phone app, though, looks very nice. I like it.
+Dan Morrill   .Quick question, -Messages sent via the gTalk client (yes that old thing) doesn't seem to appear in the Hangouts app for Android, even when it's recorded in Chat History in Gmail as well as in the chat popups in Gmail. Is that a bug? (I know that client is really old but it is much better for quick switching between chats, which I do a lot)

Edit: Just to say I love this new app. =)

Edit2: That was a REALLY long lag, it's working actually.
It doesn't update if it's a system app. I deleted the apk from /system/app with root explorer and then installed hangouts from the store. 
Eze Ude
So much ungrateful. :(
+Dan Morrill Couple of questions:

How can I filter out who I want to see in contacts list? It's a huge mess now: people I sent an email to once a year ago, my Google Talk contacts who don't use Google+ are nowhere to be found and so on.

What about Google Talk integration? I can't see who from my Google Talk contacts is online, messages from gtalk don't appear in the app...
+Cristian Nastase That works fine for us rooted users, but there are MILLIONS of users who aren't rooted. And the auto-update worked for none of them. different devices, different carriers, different os versions, etc. I'm very disappointed =/
Phones show the updated text, but no update. Tablet: Sad. Waiting on update. (Didn't you guys dogfood your beta feature with this?) ;)
I meant all my friends in Gtalk ~20 of them, it didn't work for any of them. +Jake Weisz sad here too
FWIW it worked fine for me.  Didn't request root or anything. 
If it's not changing (updating) for you (it didn't for me) then find it in the play store on your computer and install it that way. Worked for me. 
Ok so, it tells me to confirm my phone number. It then sends me a really long confirmation code which I think, gets fetched automatically? Anyway, I'm not too bothered about that. What should really be added is SMS support. The Hangouts apps looks so sweet it would be awesome if it were to include SMS conversations! 
+Dan Morrill the link takes me to the store and shows "open" and does not update, rather it opens the old gtalk app
+Mohammed Nma that's the issue I referenced, find it on the play store on your computer and you can successfully install it from there. 
+El Mexiken +Warren Dickson Currently it's set to roll out to 1% of users. As you are not yourself in that 1% at the moment (it's randomly selected), you are seeing the Open button instead of the Update button. There should probably be something in the Play Store UI to tell you what is going on, so I will pass that on to them.

Sorry for the confusion.
It's not updating on my Nexus 4. The Play store claims it's already installed, yet when I click "open" it launches the old Talk app. Tried a reboot and clearing app data for Talk and Play.
Error when trying to install it in the IOS App Store. 
Install from the web worked for me. 
+Dan Morrill Very confusing, but thanks for clarifying. Hope to see that 1% rapidly increase today. Is there a way to self-select to be in the next round when it expands?
+Paul Simpson It should ramp up quickly, we're just watching for major issues on devices at the moment, before turning up that rate. Unfortunately you can't opt in.
+Dan Morrill If I start a multi-person conversation on my phone, it doesn't seem to appear available on the desktop.  Is this functioning as intended?  If i start the multi-person convo on the desktop however it transfers to the phone.
Will chats still be archived in Gmail after the update? It's pretty much the killer feature of Google Talk for me. 
+Johan Appelgren It looks as if they won't be archived to Gmail. Moreover, it looks like Gtalk stopped archiving chats 5 days ago for me :(
Can you see Google contacts that are currently online? Like, signed into Google messenger...
+Edi Modrić Time to find a new unified mail and chat platform then. You'd think a company like Google would know that search is important. 
So far I'm really disliking the new client.  Its very difficult to figure out who is actively online and select them.  Yes I can use it efficiently like an SMS replacement, but if I just want to figure out how is around I can't really do that anymore.  
whoever wants to install it, force the install from the web based Play Store.
+J.J. Valenzuela How?  The web store tells me it's already installed, even though all I have is the original Talk app.
Phone app works well so far with Google Apps (no photo sharing though), but browser app complains about hangouts not being activated by the administrator - which is me, and I believe they are, at least they were 
I thought there was supposed to be tons of Emoji. Where are they?
You can 'opt in' by going to the desktop play store and pushing it to your device. (Well it worked for me)
+Dan Morrill So this is actually replacing the old GTalk app for Android and GMail (XMPP with S2S) with a frontend to G+ Messenger (now called "Hangouts")? I'm asking because I can't contact Non-Gmail XMPP contacts any more from my phone, after installing hangouts. 

(The app just crashes but I've read on reddit it should actually ask me to send them an SMS inviting them to join Hangouts)
+Florian Heinle Sorry, I actually have absolutely no idea how it works or what protocols it's using. :-/
Please tell us SMS integration and backup is coming soon :D
+Johan Appelgren It seems that I was wrong. Chat history is saved to GMail after all, but it started escaping my labeling filters on May 10th. That's why I didn't find it at first.

Also, I don't know if it's been there before, but there's a "Chats" item in the left menu that shows all of the history, from Google Talk and Hangouts.
+Edi Modrić Seems it just wasn't activated yesterday for Hangouts or something. Embarrassingly enough it works just as I want it now. :)
Does anybody know why, after installing the new Google Hangouts app, I still see the same GTalk icon and open the same GTalks app? This is happening in both my cell phone and tablet.
+Dan Morrill Dan this update really downgrades my experience of chat on google. I want to see a list of online/busy/offline people, I want to know the people I'm talking too are available. I know this can't be said about SMS, but thats why I choose to use an IM client as it's more advanced that SMS. 

Please include this and allow visibility settings, aside from SMS integration, this is definitely something that people want. Even if this is an option within the app to display. 

I appreciate you trying to hide technology from the user, but seeing if a person is available to chat immediately isn't exactly the most difficult technology to understand. 

I don't want to message my gf / friend / parent asking if they're around or waiting for a response, I want to know that she's available to chat. Surely this is an obvious thing to include
+Dan Morrill Do you know if there's any planned API access to hangouts for developers on android? I'd be handy at least to have something similar to the android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED or similar for 3rd party apps. Gtalk had access to the database (although obviously not part of the API), but understandably that access is now not possible with hangouts.
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