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Is there an official stance on whether to slide the ActionBar or not?  The Google+ app still does it, but it may just not be updated to the more modern standards you guys have placed on Earth and Shopper.
My favorite detail is the "here be a drawer" glyph to the left of the app icon, in place of the angle bracket. It reminds you of the list of options in a drawer, but also makes it look like the icon is going super fast! #speedlines
Dan Morrill
+Derek Brameyer ActionBar should not slide. Details are coming to the Design Guide, soon. Google's apps will upgrade to the new style in due course, as they make releases.
Nice +Dan Morrill. This is actually one of the things that was bugging me more than it probably should: everyone is doing their own implementation. Will this be added to the support package? 
Not in my opinion +Jim Avila, when it's fully open, the icon has the function 'close drawer' (smaller icon) and when it's closed, the icon has the function 'open drawer' (larger icon). 

I guess that's the discussion that took +Matias Duarte and his team months. ;-)
Hopefully all other google apps implement this. At least then Google apps will be consistent. Ideally 3rd party apps can do it too with the holo design.
I've always been perplexed on how all the google apps had different navigation system in the app. 
I'd like a similar swipe gesture for settings, it is really hard to hit that settings button on the top left of the screen with 4.7" screen (and i'm left handed)
And another thing, why has this been implemented 1st on google shopper, this has to be the worst designed app google has ever done.
Awesome! And glad to hear you've taken a stance on Action Bar sliding. G+'s sliding makes my OCD hurt.
I'll just throw this out there: it's important to keep in mind that Google+ was among the first apps to use this idiom at all, and at this point they've been using it for quite a while. The final design that we came up with goes in a different direction than what G+ has done in the past, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they were one of the pioneers here.

Just sayin', +Ron Amadeo. ;)
+Phillip Maiden If you're reaching for an app's settings often enough to want to optimize getting there, it's not a very well designed app. :)
Okay, now can we campaign for getting all the action items moved to the bottom of apps instead of the top? (Like Gmail.)
The amount of Googlers who are clearly excited that the cat is somewhat out of the bag and commenting on this makes me happy.
Am I the only one who swears at chrome daily upon accidentally changing tabs while trying to horizontally scroll? What's so hard about tapping on the tab you want to see?
I believe many achievements have been unlocked by seeing +Dan Morrill say #HOLOYOLO . /r/androidcirclejerk would be proud. 
+Derek Ross Oh it's been A Thing for a while around here and yes, we make a point of showing +Matias Duarte the various photoshops that show up at ACJ.
Oh dear lord that's great. 
+Dan Morrill daily. I'm clearly too busy worshipping the chosen one and missed references to you. ;)
And the lord(Mathias) said "Let there be #HOLOYOLO ". -ice cream sandwich 1:3 
+Adam Bliss I still haven't figured out why Chrome sometimes changes tabs and sometimes doesn't - usually it changes when I don't want it to - and then why I try and figure out what I did to make it change - it won't do it......
+Andrew Jones-McGuire Start within screen and it is horizontal scroll, start from edge or outside of screen and it is switch tab. Works consistently like that for me at least. 
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