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You might notice that the Eclair is out of position. Last night we got rained on pretty hard, so now the area by the statues where the tourists have trod the lawn into muck is now flooded. There's a good six inches of water there in which the Eclair floated away.

The sculptures are made of foam, and unlike the others the Eclair isn't mounted on a metal base. So it just kind of canoed its way around.

Then a gust of wind blew it directly at the Ice Cream Sandwich! Swift action was called for to avert a collision, and save the (statues representing the) entire Android ecosystem.

If you are of the "video or it never happened" mind, +Conley Owens captured it all on video: 2012-04-13

(h/t to +Kenny Root for the "headline" ;)
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Eclair's jealous of how everybody loves ICS more than it!
Hahahaha. Eclair is waging physical war on the other operating systems. It almost had it's chance...almost.
bloody tourists! :-D
Android needs better security against nature's malware.
Wow. Looks like Claire might have been fragmenting the ecosystem
It would be strange if the next morning when Googlers got to the Googleplex they found Stan the T-rex had floated to and was standing amongst the Android deserts with Claire in his mouth.
Almost 100 years to the Titanic's sinking.. the Eclair struck the Ice Cream Sandwich. Neither sunk, nobody died.. both versions of Android are unsinkable it would seem. A nearby Donut did offer assistance.
44 is foiled by rain? California is hilarious.
I hope none of the statues got damaged. Fragmentation is the worst. :7
Where was the turret to protect it from the rain?
Doesn't Google have the ability to change the weather?
Then a gust of wind blew it directly at the Ice Cream Sandwich! - it might be the Android gods suggesting you guys invent a new desert!! ;)
New Android Versions to be announced.....

5 - Jelly Donut
6 - Key Lime Pie
7 - Lamington
8 - Mother Nature
If only I could rescue escaping eclairs and save would-be-doomed ice cream sandwiches in my job... :-)
Awesome. Wish I worked at Google and got to push eclairs around in a pond/puddle from time to time.
More importantly, does the Android statue speak?
Is it wrong that I want to use the eclair as a boat around a flooded Googleplex? Like Venice, but for tech geeks.
I don't care for soggy french pastries. Will the Jelly Bean float, too?
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