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Galaxy Nexus International: Check
Galaxy Nexus Verizon: Check
ICS on the first Nexii S: Check
AOSP up to date for 4.0.3: Check

Our work here is finished.

....until next year. ;)
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While I'd rather the wheels of Android industry never stop turning, I'm sure you've earned it! :)
Wait, does this mean no ICS for Sprint Nexus S till next year?
AJ Kohn
Galaxy Nexus Sprint! Early next year?
Nice! Just need other US Galaxy Nexii and ICS for NS 4G! Thanks for all the work you do.
Congrats.. just flashed my nexus S. :-D
Is there a place to download it ? I've got not OTA with my carrier.
Wait, there's still 2 weeks in the year? There's got to be one more branch in there somewhere. =)
And now you can rest, safe in the knowledge that you've made the world a more awesome place... Happy holidays to you and your team.
Thanks Dan! You guys rock!
Well now that the Nexus S got Android 4.0.3 we Galaxy Nexus owners tend to get jealous ;) Any chance for a quick update for those devices?
Id really like GNex GSM in the us before the 31st... or maybe jan 1
Give up iPhone:check
Buy a GN:check
Flash nexus s back to 2.3.6:check

waiting. ;)
testing it now on my NexusS...sweetly polished..i may not even get the unlocked Galaxy Nexus and just wait for the take that MG aka Horseshit..!!!
Still waiting for Galaxy Nexus GSM US version please. Verizon sucks.
Where can I get ICS for my Nexus S?
On i9020t 9023 and i9020a?
ICS for the first nexus s? How & where?
Not quite, you can't go to vacation until my Galaxy S II has ICS on it. I'll wait.
Thanks heaps. My Nexus S (International) 2.3.6 GRK93F has upgraded to ICS.
sigh, that list would be perfect if the nexus one got ics :(
Google Wallet on i18n version: FAIL. I obviously don't understand the involvement of the carrier on NFC SecElem. I don't understand why my completely unbound phone doesn't do whatever I want it to.
Seriously, that means no ICS love for the red headed step child NS4G? :(
Xoom? Oh well I guess I can wait. Have to stop pushing code for the holidays sometime, and when I get it for my At&t Nexus S that should hold me over.
+Dan Morrill Thanks for all the hard work! Still waiting on my Galaxy Nexus to be shipped from VodafoneAU.

Disappointed that carrier Galaxy Nexus's don't get their updates directly from Google (Not Yakju builds).

If there is one thing to do before next year, it's to convince Samsung to push Yakju builds to Yakjuxw devices.
If only you could actually buy the unicorn phone in a vzw store. Reps claim no shipments to stores in bay area 2 days past official launch. Great launch partner there google.
+Björn Lundén I don't really like the idea of flashing software in German. Plus, from the PDF, this just installs Odin. Odin is for Samsung builds AFAIK, not Google builds.

Without Samsung's consent, this will also void warranty (In Australia).

+Google, +Android Never make a compromise like this on a Nexus device again. Why would you let Samsung have their own, non-ASOP builds on these pure devices?
Gosh, I just learned every google employee got a nexus for xmas. No wonder there are none left. Thats 20k handsets alone!
+Brendan Wreford because sadly cdma nexus phones aren't real google experience phones. As we are all learning.
Yes, I was deluded into thinking my Sprint device was a true google experience device. Looks like I am going to have to finally jump ship from Sprint to one of the GSM variants in the future.
+Brendan Wreford The build it installs in the same pure Google Yakju build that was installed on most UK phones. It contains languages for most of Europe and the US.

It seems to just be a Odin build packaged with the update, yes. It does not require you to unlock your bootloader however so I don't see why they would care. Otherwise you could always just unlock the bootloader, fastboot flash the google build on it and then run fastboot oem lock to relock the bootloader.
Google Nexus International? When is it coming to the Philippines? :(
Yeah, there aren't any Yakju builds in Australia at all, so it'll be clear to Samsung that I've flashed a firmware. Voiding warranty.
+Dragos Ionescu Ask Samsung for that. That's why, after HTC Hero, I only buy Nexus phones (to have updates directly from Google, no vendor UI on top)
It would be nice to get ics on ns4g it is still a nexus s phone 
+Yan-Fa Li You can order from Verizon's website. I ordered mine on Thursday, got it Friday.... been playing with it ever since (much to my wife's dismay )
Bah. Samsung apparently can't fulfill orders. I only got two of the 5 Galaxy Nexus phones I pre-ordered at the distributor a month before release. I'm not impressed.
+Curt Terpstra I'm aware I could do that. Wanted some face time with it before I made my decision. Going to wait a few weeks and try again. #firstworldproblem
+Tais Plougmann Hansen I wonder if carriers are nervous yet? Stock phones with no crapware, who would want one of those? (Sarcasm)
Kindly convince Samsung to release working Sgs2 vendor for aosp....probably failed.
you guys rock, this has made owning a nexus s like owning a brand new phone. thanks for all
Thanks so much for ICS on my Nexus S! Now I just need to figure out how to get the root access back :-/
Pressing the Check Now button on the Galaxy Nexus:check

Pressing the Check Now button on the Galaxy Nexus:check

Pressing the Check Now button on the Galaxy Nexus:check

I'm not entirely sure what kind of voodoo magic you Googlers in Mountain View are into, but it's making my Nexus S work really good!
Hey +Dan Morrill , love ICS. But one thing that bugs me about the Face Unlock feature is that it activates everytime you turn on the screen. I am in the habit of turning on the screen to: see what time it is, see the current temperature, etc. It would be nice to have an option for face unlock that has an icon or something on screen to activate it. Just saying...Thx
Well since +Dan Morrill said they're done with the updates for the year I guess we should take a hint that the Galaxy Nexus won't get the 4.0.3 update 'til january. Oh well great work guys
No no no, the work is not done yet. Nobody goes home until I have my search button icon back on my Galaxy Nexus. I used to long press it 20 times a day to fire up the voice search and now its gone. :-(
Chill out +Kevin Mortenson the search button is at the top of literally every screen or you could use a Bluetooth headset that's what I do
But i removed the search bar at the top to free up some screen space.
That is the most arrogant thing anyone from google has ever said!!! There are literally MILLIONS of Nexus S customers without OTA watching as T-Mo customers rave about their new update.....because all google did was push the update for T-Mobile. Start pushing for the other 3 major US carriers, then we'll discuss whether or not you're done for the year!!
Y u no give the Nexus S 4G the real Google experience? :'(
No love for Sprint Nexus s4g? Even though they show Google more love than at&t & Verizon!! Sprint has Google wallet the others don't because they want to have there own version of mobile payments I guess if you treat Google like shit they will treat you better you treat them good & they turn there nose up at you!!
Hopefully there will soon be word as of when there will be the release of ICS for the NS4G soon. The whole keeping silent untill its live without info in between makes us anxious lol
It would of happened already maybe next week what's funny is that there would probaly be a rom buildt from asop source out before we get the ota & the Devs on xda aren't getting paid like the people at google who do this for a living SMH
Very true. If not I believe I have already read an article of someone already made a flash rom already but only lacking of wimax radio. I would not really mind waiting, but for a flag ship phone regardless of provider, I would at least like more information about my phone about major updates. A date or possible timeline would be appreciated, but overall good work Google, keep up the good work. Would appreciate it if the OTA data makes it online before Xmas (waiting for it to automatically update could take an additional few weeks)
until next year
next year
what about the NS4G and i9020a?
Its a big middle finger to every other nexus s customers on different carriers I guess its up to developers on XDA to build a rom from asop source cuz the professional who actually work for google making a living don't care don't get me wrong I'm with Android all the way but its sad the way they did this on top if not putting the Galaxy Nexus on all carrier at the same time people on sprint are still wondering if the galaxy nexus will even be on sprint no word from Google, Sprint or Samsung
I completely understand you Jesus Rivera, it is a dissapointment for us NS4G users, but it is a good thing to know that Google is possibly working on it as we speak. It is Google after all, and I'm sure that the reason thr build for the NS4G is not out probably because of a crucial bug or many little ones. No one would like to attempt to enjoy their ice cream sandwich when there is something wrong with it. Let alone that, we could be waiting for it to go through sprint, which who know how long. Overall we are just going to have to wait patiently. We were able to wait two months, a few weeks from new year should be a breeze
We in Norway miss speed-dail as h**l Dan. Any update for that soon?
Hi Dan.

Could you please explain the various builds of ICS where reportedly only one type (yakju) is updated by Google and the rest are either updated by Samsung or the Carrier.
ICS for NS4G as a Christmas present please :-)
I don't think the nexus s4g is getting ics until next year which sucks it still puzzles me that apple can update there older phones & newer ones at the same time world wide but Google can't? They put the source out so that developers that do this as a hobby on sites like XDA can make roms for nexus s4g customers that have rooted phones but for people who are not rooted they have to wait for the corporate bosses at Google to give the thumbs up to release the update that's already ready just sitting there!!!!! >:(
The xda Roms are great and all but still require time in order for all the features to be in working order such as mms etc
No Love for are Nexus s4g the red head step child in Google eyes even thou Sprint incorporate all of there apps like Google voice & Google wallet the reason the other nexus devices don't have wallet is because they want to make there own Mobil payment app & there telling Google F U we don't need your app & Google turns around & says here update for your phones & here Verizon a Galaxy Nexus for you & Sprint sorry no galaxy nexus for you guys & no 4.0 update for you either maybe next year Sprint!! I will never get an iPhone but I may get a windows phone
Jesus for the win. And added you to
So I'm guessing anyone in the US that wants a GSM/HSPA+ (i.e. T-mobile) Galaxy Nexus will have to buy the international version or wait for some unknown while?
I agree +Juan Collins . The source + the proprietary binaries for the NS4G are posted. I do not understand the whole "Silence" thing about Android Releases. At least mention if you guys are still testing the build or if it's coming out before New Year. I'm starting to get tired of this.
the thing that makes me the most angry about this is that the NS4G build is done. it's sitting on the server. all driver & kernel sources have been completed, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn a FULLY COMPLETED rom is actually uploaded, too....all they have to do is push a button, and they can't even do that!!! This is pitiful!!!! Thank god some devs on XDA like aosp aren't as lazy as google's official, it must be nice to be able to just develop at your own slow-ass pace and not have anyone breathing down your neck about it.
If google is that disconcerned with a slow as molasses work-pace, maybe I should just go work for them, and when my boss catches me sleeping on my desk I can just say "I'll have it done when I have it done" just like we've been getting from them in response to questions about a release date for NS4G
IMO if the build is complete they should at least post the so people can update it manually...
Seriously I didn't pay over $400 for my nexus s 4g because I thought it looked cool. I bought my nexus s because of the promise Google made to have timely updates. What a bunch of bullcrap that was.
Timely updates huh? If that's the case why do I have to watch my friend with his T-Mobile nexus s play with ics while I wait until next year for my update?
sprint has nothing to do with it.... if they did i wouldnt be running wimax on my aosp ics build right now. its all google but they are afraid to admit it
I agree with +Juan Collins if its because of sprint I want my damn money back and maybe more because that's straight up false advertising.
I got my Nexus s4g before my brother & his girlfriend did they where looking for a new phone I convinced them to get the Nexus s on T-Mobile cuz Google would update nexus first now they got 4.0 & I'm online looking for a stable enough build of 4.0 but there all buggy with launchers force closing & flashing green screen its sad that it happen the way it did update for Nexus s people rejoice Google I'm sorry only T-Mobile nexus s everyone on AT&T & Sprint feel like step children with no love!!
ATT should not worry. The announcement at least mentioned GSM...
Well...looks like OTA has stopped due to Battery issues...
I'm using Peter Alfonso asop ics build for Nexus s4G everything works like it should no face unlock but everything else & funny camera effects work also if you want a custom kernel flash one for XDA you can over clock it but it eats battery on top of the os bug that Google talked about I love it it will hold me over until Google sends out the OTA next year I would rather have that but whatever!
Where is the NS4G Update come on Google!!
Looks like the Asus transformer tablet is getting Android 4.0 next week & still no word from Google about the Nexus S4G getting the OTA so I guess the Google promise about Nexus devices being the first to get the update was just a lie to make more $ its only makes Google look bad we Nexus s customers need to get an answer or they should take there phones back & refund the $ back because they didn't live up to there word!!!
+Dan Morrill I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I've been waiting for 4.0.3 for almost 2 months now. What gives? I thought Nexus devices were supposed to be the flagship always running the most current version of Android?
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