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The Nexus 4 is awesome and all that, but possibly my favorite feature is, of all things, the screen edge. The glass on the front goes edge to edge, which is nice but would normally leave a sharp-ish edge. That would feel awkward to hold.

LG managed to grind that edge down into a wonderful, graceful curve. We went through a bunch of different iterations, getting that edge just right, and the result is awesome. It has, for lack of a better term, simply wonderful handfeel. Between the sparkle effect on the back (pro-tip: known as chatoyance apparently) and the sensual tactile edge on the front, well... let's just say it's not helping me overcome my bad habit of pulling out my phone and fidgeting with it during conversations.

I was going to attempt to take a photo of this edge (perhaps with a Nexus 10?) but I realized I couldn't do it justice... and anyway there are plenty of photos out there. This is one of those cases where a picture might be worth 1,000 words, but it's still only 1/1,000th of handling the real McCoy.

+The Verge mentions this, but only in passing; I suspect they just haven't had enough hands-on time with it yet to really appreciate the subtle niceness of the edge.

Or maybe it's just me. :)
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I like my devices to have a raised bezel around the screen. Seems to prevent them from shattering if they fall flat on their face. There's always cases though.
It's the one thing I wondered most about it. Glass on both sides, on a phone especially makes me cautious. I'm interested in touching it and seeing it for myself though for sure.
+Dave Ranucci We've actually got some bumpers (ring-like cases that wrap the side but not the back) coming as accessories for Nexus 4, if that's how you roll.

On the back, there is indeed a small raised ridge, which should prevent scratches if not breaks.
I wonder if it matters when the phone is in a case
Stop the teasing .... take my money .... and give me a Nexus 4! :P
T-Mobile(and AT&T) only? Really? :'(
The two companies I would not consider switching to.
+Dan Morrill seems similar to the HTC One X screen glass? I think I'm going to miss the curve of the Nexus S though, since it hugs my thigh better when in the pocket. Thoughts?
+Tony Chan HAHA your more worried about how it hugs your thighs and not how it hugs your hand? Priorities man! :P
Simply can not wait. Selling my GNexus, leaving my o2 UK contract of 8 years, and buying this baby outright!
+Zack Davis lol, I'm not saying I doubt the Nexus 4 has good "handfeel". Just saying I think it would be more comfortable in the pocket with the curved screen (esp. with a large 4.7" screen). I guess I'll just have to see when I get one in my hands :)

Edit: also just wanted to express that I think the curve screen was also a good design choice by whomever were responsible, and not just some gimmick.
This is one feature I loved on the HTC One X and was shouting at you Android peeps telepathically to put it into your new Nexus. I'm glad you listened.
I just hope this gorilla glass is properly hardcore. My GNexus got scratched within a week in an empty pocket. Will be looking into a screen protector, but would prefer it bareback, if you pardon the expression. 
Hope the battery life can stand longer…
I think I'm going to pass on getting the Nexus 4, as I still love my Galaxy Nexus, and I've still got one more year of Verizon before I can jump ship. I hope you come out with an even more awesome Nexus phone next year!

Besides, my Google Gadgets budget for this season will be well spent on the Nexus 10 and three new Chromebook.
+Lisa Borel - It works on T-Mobile and AT&T. don't buy it on contract! Buy from the Play store and then get a MVNO like Straight Talk ($45/month for unlimited text/talk/data). Never be locked into a contract again! Now, if people want to send me a few bucks so I can get out of my Verizon contract...
+Dan Morrill did the Galaxy Nexus have Gorilla Glass 2? I am trying to see if it did, but not sure. Looking forward to getting my Nexus 4 in two weeks.
Luckily my last o2 contract was just for 12 months. Amazing what threatening to leave will make them do. I plan on using GiffGaff, a UK MNVO with unlimited internet for £10 a month - about £15.
+Dan Morrill - any insight on when the Nexus 7 will get 4.2 and if the Galaxy Nexus will at all?
+Vip Patel galaxy nexus doesn't have gorilla glass, but it uses the same material (gorilla is just a brand)
Don't want it without 32 gigs. Sprints towers suck too much to depend on cloud services 
I'm confused by Google's design language here with the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10. They tout the Nexus 4's glass exterior, then tout the Nexus 10's plastic exterior. Quite confusing
I remind the LTE disappointing guys that outside the USA nobody cares about it, no LTE in most of the rest of the world, in UK it just started with EE and their prices are ridiculous, it will take years to settle and become standard, if I was in USA I would still choice a gsm because after reading all the complaints from gnexus Verizon users it would really drive me crazy thinking that the carriers are a big bunch of fu£%*****ers !
+Salvatore Barrile you're absolutely right. As a 10 year GSM user I loved the idea of paying the carrier as a dumb pipe, and swapping SIMs in any phone. Unfortunately, where I live, not only is (true) 4G speeds sparse, decent GSM coverage is sparse. Only Verizon gives great reception to the most spread out places in the USA. Don't listen to the foolish AT&T ads touting the number of markets they cover. It's rubbish. So we're stuck with one decent carrier - but yes, Verizon is a major pain in the arse in every way possible. For customers, for carriers and for Google too. Cheers!
I'm buying one right away and foisting my iPhone 4 off on the wife.
The Nexus 4 sounds fine, but I'm still happy with my Galaxy Nexus.  On the other hand, I'd love to see a head-to-head comparison of the new Nexus 7 32GB and Nexus 10 32GB WI-FI models.
Would anyone know how people in countries such as Singapore (where one can't purchase the device from the Play store) can purchase this?
+Jeff Read it's a dual core A15 I believe though. I'm pretty sure it's more powerful than the Nexus 7. They said it's the only processor available right now that can even drive that high resolution. More cores doesn't always mean faster, architecture has a lot to do with it.
No, +Dan Morrill it is not just you. I didn't know you guys had many iterations, but the resulting shape is really nice and you cannot describe the feel by words... You really have to hold it in your hands, and I love it.:-) 
PLEASE i beg you release a 32 gb model!!! ill buy it the millisecond it comes out!!!
All of my friends who use Android phones lost trust in LG ages ago, but I still have faith. I can't wait to get a Nexus 4 and show it to my friends to see what they think about LG now, and Google ;)
Android Google es impresionante su trabajo es lo mejor
Not tying up with a carrier and selling the phone unlocked is a ballsy move from Google. This is generally how its done in India, but for the US market its (hopefully) a trend-setting move. On the flip-side: No LTE.
+WeeSiong Ng when the Galaxy Nexus was released it cost around 500 USD, given that the Nexus 4 costs 349, I'm hoping our carriers don't overcharge for it.
Google can't do LTE on the N4 because the US carriers are control freaks that won't let the N4 on their network's without messing with it. (Which means more bloatware and slow/no updates!). Not to mention it would be more expensive, since Sprint/Verizon are CDMA/LTE.
+Raist de Jesus You can talk in SGD, it's more familiar to me xD I remember the Galaxy Nexus costed S$300+ with contract on Singtel, but I do hope Starhub gets the N4 this time, as they seem to prefer LG phones and charge more reasonably than Singtel.
I want one so badly, but I'll probably have to skip and stick with crappy old verizon.  I guess I'll either have to hope they make an LTE nexus next time around, or that there will be something else good on Verizon by the time I'm up for a contract.  Verizon's speed is just so good and coverage so complete that I can't make myself leave their awful ways.  I guess its back to the old root/rom way of life.  Sorry Google.  I wish you and Verizon could have worked something out.
+Ryan O'Neill sadly they couldn't have since verizon would have wanted control and it would be locked down/bloatware/very slow updates.. which is why Google didn't do a lte version. (also cost) 
Presumably the 4.2 updates will come after Nov 13th for existing Nexus devices? Thanks for highlighting the subtle stuff for us +Dan Morrill !
+Kyhwana Pardus not true about CDMA being a hold up. The S4 chipsets natively support GSM/CDMA/LTE in one radio. The issue has more to do with control and frequencies, because AT&T and Verizon are using different frequencies for their LTE networks and Sprint doesn't even offer removable SIMS. It wouldn't be impossible to get a Nexus 4 up and running "unlocked" for AT&T or Verizon but Sprint is out of the question. 
I got a Verizon GN in December. I sorta half regret it. (Good dev support helps!)
This time around, I'll be buying directly from Google, no nonsense.

On a related note, anyone have recommendations for good GSM carriers in northern central Alabama (specifically around Huntsville)? HSPA+ is greatly preferred, as I'm suffering from an LTE addiction. Right now I'm thinking TMob.
+Dan Morrill Thanks for the info!

I know it's an unfortunate long-shot but I'd really like to see a QWERTY slider Nexus. Companies seem to have this pattern of releasing sub-par and/or locked down sliders that nobody really wants then citing a decreasing demand for keyboard phones as a reason to continue releasing underwhelming phones.

I (and probably a lot of others) would love to see a modern successor to something like the G1 or original Droid with top-of-the-line specs and a replaceable battery. A hardware camera shutter button would also be wonderful (another feature that seems to be experiencing an unfortunate decline).
+Jim Ancona The $30 T-mobile plan is great! You can also use Groove IP and Google Voice to avoid using minutes entirely.
It looks like a great phone... I'm just bummed that there's no version that will work on Verizon (I still have 1.5 years on a contract there...)
Will there be a car dock available like there was for the Gnex? 
+Dan Morrill Will there be a car dock available at launch? As well as the wireless charger Orb? I'd like to order everything together if at all possible :D
Hey +Dan Morrill any idea why the bottom bezel is still so large (similar to the GNex)? Even the LG Optimus G has smaller bezels (as do other phones like the SIII). Was that extra space really needed to fit everything? It's just distracting especially since the nav buttons already take up onscreen space.
Allen A
I will forever love my Galaxy Nexus but reading about the materials used (in comparison) to the unit created by LG.. stunning difference.
I think you all have done a fantastic job with the Nexus 4 - it looks sexy and ravishing and I'm sure, once I get it in hand, will make me say "THIS is my Nexus"
Thank you :)
Hello +Dan Morrill , can you say us something about the more than 200euros overcharge on nexus 4 that most retailer (if not all of them) are applying here in Europe where playstore is not enabled to sell them, like here in italy? why we should pay so much for that, can't wait to buy one but not if i must pay more than others =(
+enrico zangrando If you want it cheaper, you'll have to import it yourself, which is what most people here in NZ do with new phones. Although some of the parallel importer prices aren't too bad.
Now, If we could only get some News on what accessories will be offered in the Play Store for the Nexus 4. I prefer "Official Accessories" for my devices. (I actual refuse to buy Aftermarket/3rd Party Accessories, as they are often cheap in quality/don't function properly, etc) - This will be Key in my purchase of the Nexus 4, the accessories. (I need/must0-have a car dock, preferably one that will accommodate the device with the case on, as removing it every time i get in the car is troublesome.)
Its an amazing phone. When I show people - they all want it. They can't have it!
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