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So the other day I was able to watch (can't say how) the original trailer credits for +Destiny the Game. I couldn't get a photo of it under the circumstances, but here is an exact and faithful reproduction of what it said.

or, John Woo: The Game

Peter Dinklage, as Dinklebot
Bill Nighy, as himself

Featuring the Also Criminally Underused Voice Talents of:
Nathan Fillion
Claudia Black
Penny, from Inspector Gadget
That Guy from The Wire"

They should have run with these, much more accurate than what they shipped.
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"And the entire cast of Farscape"
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Dan Morrill

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I... have no idea. But if you do, please comment on +Giovanni Calabrese's original post! He's the awesome guy who makes awesome things that make people happy, like all of the Android dessert release statues over at Google.
NEED HELP... I am trying to lock down our "Themendous" Youtube page url and I guess because I had at one point had already created a Themendous Google+ page and then opened another one (which is now 27 video's strong) I can not secure the url on that youtube account.  So.... I am wondering... If I delete the first Google + page (shown as the cat eating tiki below), will that free up my ability to secure the Themendous Url for the one that already has subscribers???    HELP !!!!
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Dan Morrill

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Fancy new business cards!

Want some? Here's how:  :D
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Alex M
The About link is not working
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Friends, let's talk.

Let's talk about E3. Specifically, let's talk about the number of fucks I give about this Final Fantasy 7 remake.

So it turns out, I give very few fucks. Very very few, really. In fact, the number of fucks I give is actually zero! Isn't that fascinating?

I thought about giving negative fucks about the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I mean after all, Squeenix has been on autopilot for, what, almost 10 years now? The owe us. They really should be paying us to play their latest repackaged remake of a remastered classic. Paying us, that is, in fucks.

But, of course, negative fucks aren't really a thing. Negative fucks can't really exist in our Cartesian universe -- no dice. So, instead I just give zero fucks.

Not a single fuck is given by me, about this Final Fantasy 7 remake. Fuck off Squeenix, and take your tired-ass ancient ports with you.

(As a personal message to Squeenix employees: You're wasting your careers. You're wasting your lives. You're wasting your youth. You're making bad games that have no meaning and no purpose. You should feel bad. Listen to that voice deep inside you that you've been desperately ignoring. Listen to it, and realize that you can do better. Because you literally can't do worse. Quit, and get a better job.)
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Dan Morrill

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This makes me want to jump up and shout "YES YES YES!"

When I worked at Google, I rode a bike about 3 miles to work most days, because ~80% of the trip was on Steven's Creek Trail. When I moved to my new house about 1.5 miles away, I stopped riding because the only route was the Crossover of Death at Rengstorff & Charleston. (If you've driven through there, you know what I mean; and now imagine riding that on a bicycle. Turns out daily morning dread terror is even more effective than morning coffee!)

Eventually they opened the Permanente Creek Trail and I rode that quite a bit, but still not nearly as much as the longer trip -- because I still had to ride some unfriendly streets, and notably cross Rengstorff at an intersection with no light.

Similarly, I could ride to my current workplace in Palo Alto about 4 miles away, but I haven't tried it yet because I'd have to cross El Camino, which is super intimidating.

This entire study just 100% spot-on nails it: fix the intersections, give me just a few more shrewdly-placed safe and friendly routes, and I'd ride most every day.

h/t +Jeff Dean 
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Sounds good. Make it happen Google.
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Dan Morrill

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Anyone play +Destiny the Game? I just did Prison of Elders for the first time and got this thing called Gjallarhorn. Is it any good? Just asking.
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+Dan Sandler​ nah, just popping its self-res.
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Dan Morrill

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The greatest thing about the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA is how Scalia's dissent cements his legacy as a raving conservative nutjob who somehow got on SCOTUS.
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Dan Morrill

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How can I see this and not reshare it?
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Oh, it is a great, long-awaited victory. I'm just saying we need to not stop there. It's time we quit letting intrusive government have any say in how consenting adults form families.
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Dan Morrill

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YOUR DNS needs immediate attention!

Literally, actually. Like, I'm embarrassed for you, +Google+. Fix it!

(If it isn't clear what is going on here, well, it's complicated. Basically there is at least one f*scked up or partial configuration here.)

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Sous vide salmon on a bed of mashed peas, with tangy lemon-thyme sauce
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+Daniel Shiplacoff We got this salmon from goodeggs. I'm not sure which vendor...
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Dan Morrill

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Mr. Sandman
We need a systems admin
Make her the smoothest that we've ever seen
Give her two hands
To dance on the keyboard
And tell us that our network woes are over!

We're totally boned
We have nobody
To maintain our phones
Please bust out an epic win,
And send us a systems admin!

Mr. Sandman
Our servers won't boot
Because too many
Amateurs have root
We've got no NAS
The LAN is in slow-mo
Don't get me started on the desktop core load!

Mr. Sandman
A networking guy
Would be amazing: the fiber's offline
So please turn on DHCP
And find us an admin's IP!
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Sounds like a fun job, though for the life of me I can't get the song lyrics to chime. This is not the one by The Chordettes?
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Dan Morrill

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A question:

Who owns the copyright for a work generated by a deep neural network or similar deep learning construct?

And how sophisticated does the neural network have to become before that answer changes?
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I don't think the "Turing Test" answer is a good one to be honest - in the same way manufacturers learn to game the system by making hardware behave differently when a benchmark is being performed. Anyone wishing to declare that they have developed a true AI only needs to develop an Algorithm to pass the Turing Test - that doesn't mean it's really self aware. Further the Turing Test has a terrible design flaw in that the judges of it are human - and quite frankly the relatively simple sounding task of declaring the thing on the other end of the conversation to be either human or not human - requires a modicum of intelligence and common sense on the part of the human doing the judging, and that - is sadly not as prevalent as it was when the Turing Test was originally devised.

TL;DR - The Turing Test could be gamed or the human judges could be a few sandwiches short of a bake sale.
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Just this guy, you know?
For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such an instrument is the turbo-encabulator.
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