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Judging from the marketing photos over at, Nexus 5X is for adorable flower girls while Nexus 6P is for rugged manly boys. This is more than a little bullshit, +Google. As a male who prefers smaller devices I am even kind of offended. So much for your Unconscious Bias training -- although one can't help but wonder how unconscious this one really was, over in Marketing.

And anyway, what is even going on in this image?? Is this man performing a rite of the Ice Cult? Is he trapped in a posh ski resort and is preparing to make a desperate but gritty bid for escape by carving an escape path through solid ice with his phone?

Is this just an in joke about how hot the Qualcomm processor gets, such that he's using it to melt ice?

It is a Mystery.
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A Dan is a Dan.
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Dan Morrill

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If you're having Go problems, I feel bad for you, son. You got 99 channels, but still -- try +1.
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Dan Morrill

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Good to know I'm not alone, this morning.

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I was new to the term too.. Very cool.
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Dan Morrill

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Found an old swiss army knife from my youth hiding in a toolchest, and figured I'd clean it up and put it back in service. From memory and confirming via a wiki page I found, I think this is from 1991, so it's about 24 years old, and has been hanging out in that toolchest for at least 12 of those.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as restoring a thing like this. Check out the toothbrush I used to clean it! Gross. Now I just need to sharpen the blades.

I have a Leatherman too that had been my daily carrier, and I figured I'd clean that at the same time. It's less than half the age of the Victorinox but has at least twice the rust spots, and has developed a lot more play in the various tools while the Victorinox is still super rigid. Victorinox is seriously not kidding around.
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I wish I still had my old one form childhood!
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Dan Morrill

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So the other day I was able to watch (can't say how) the original trailer credits for +Destiny the Game. I couldn't get a photo of it under the circumstances, but here is an exact and faithful reproduction of what it said.

or, John Woo: The Game

Peter Dinklage, as Dinklebot
Bill Nighy, as himself

Featuring the Also Criminally Underused Voice Talents of:
Nathan Fillion
Claudia Black
Penny, from Inspector Gadget
That Guy from The Wire"

They should have run with these, much more accurate than what they shipped.
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"And the entire cast of Farscape"
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Dan Morrill

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I... have no idea. But if you do, please comment on +Giovanni Calabrese's original post! He's the awesome guy who makes awesome things that make people happy, like all of the Android dessert release statues over at Google.
NEED HELP... I am trying to lock down our "Themendous" Youtube page url and I guess because I had at one point had already created a Themendous Google+ page and then opened another one (which is now 27 video's strong) I can not secure the url on that youtube account.  So.... I am wondering... If I delete the first Google + page (shown as the cat eating tiki below), will that free up my ability to secure the Themendous Url for the one that already has subscribers???    HELP !!!!
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Imagine that you're in your early teens.

Imagine that you're named after a major religious figure living centuries ago in the Middle East.

Imagine that you're interested in Science and Technology, so much that you try to Engineer things on your own, which then forces you to learn the Mathematics that help you along the way, all that while you're still in your early teens.

At this point, two things can happen.

In one case, your name is associated with Christianity, your skin is white, you live in France. You get encouraged, doors open for you, you get guided toward top education, you'll eventually get amazing jobs, and you'll end up living a comfortable life. That's my story.

In another case, your name is associated with Islam, your skin is brown, you live in Texas. You get shamed, you get arrested, schools close their doors on you. That's Ahmed Mohammed's story. I don't know how that story ends, but I'm really hoping it ends well.

That's a pretty extreme case of privilege. But it is privilege nonetheless. We have to recognize such extreme cases of privilege if we want to be able to fight all forms of privilege. That's the only way we can eventually reach a point where all men are created equal, where we all have certain unalienable Rights, including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, because clearly we're not there yet.

Ahmed's Liberty has already been seriously infringed, and from this point his pursuit of Happiness is in jeopardy, possibly for the rest of his Life.

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Dan Morrill

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Mt. Camera on the new N5 N6? is clearly inspired by nature. I believe I've found the source:
Leaked images purportedly showing a 5.7-inch Nexus smartphone being built by Huawei have revealed an intriguing bump housing the device's camera. Photos posted on claim to show the larger...
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Sex 09368474576
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Remember this the next time someone tells you the web is the future.

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+Ray Cromwell Is this Apple's corporate pledge?

"Don't be truthful. "
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Dan Morrill

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Oh paella, where have you been my whole life?

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It's the cast iron pan that makes the final magic!
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Dan Morrill

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On this blessed day of celebration, I would like to say: Welcome, brothers and sisters. Gjallarhorns for all.
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+Dan Morrill Did you ask Eva Levante where the second hand shaders were shelved?
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Dan Morrill

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Anyone play +Destiny the Game? I just did Prison of Elders for the first time and got this thing called Gjallarhorn. Is it any good? Just asking.
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+Dan Sandler​ nah, just popping its self-res.
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