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If you're in Toronto, and are looking for something awesome to do tomorrow (Saturday), there are still a few spots in the Roots Music Canada recording workshop that I'm leading.

For the 9/11 anniversary, I'm working on a radio piece about the role technology can play in remembering, reflecting on, and exploring the past in new ways.

I'm planning to mention:

- the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum's website and iPhone apps (w/ interactive timeline, Google Earth view, walking tour, and augmented reality functions)

Have you come across any novel uses of technology for remembering and memorializing the past?

I'm contemplating signing up for an Aeroplan American Express just for the introductory bonus miles:

In exchange for a $120 annual fee, they're offering 15,000 bonus miles. That's $0.008/mile, versus the regular Aeroplan top-up rate of ~$0.03/mile.

CIBC Visa also has a 15,000 mile, $120/year offer:

I'm inclined to sign up for one (or both), because it seems like a cheap source of points for our upcoming flights to France. To be clear, I'd sign up, buy something, pay it off, then never use the card again, and cancel before year 2.

Good idea? Bad idea? Advice?

A real-life exchange between me and the guy at my neighbourhood Staples.


Me: Hi. I'm looking for a TouchPad case.

Staples employee: [Pointing at the tablet kiosk] What kind of touchpad do you have?

Me: The HP TouchPad. You know, the ones that went on crazy sale last week.

Staples employee: Oh, the HP TouchPad.

Me: Yeah. Does anybody but HP make a "TouchPad?"

Staples employee: Well, no, but people keep coming in and saying, "Show me these TouchPads," when what they mean is "tablets."


Remember when everyone starting calling all MP3 players "iPods?"

Say what you want about HP's exit from the tablet business, but the TouchPad fire sale got them at least one thing: mindshare.

Here's something to ponder:

Hip hop music from Atlanta has a different sound than hip hop music from LA, or hip hop music from NYC, or hip hop music from Paris.

Does the same thing happen w/ software and tech?

Does technology designed in Silicon Valley have an intrinsically different feel than technology designed in Toronto? Berlin? Bangalore? Nairobi?

Is there value in using tech developed outside of Silicon Valley's bubble?

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Blister in the Sun - A Violent Femmes Cover - PLAYED BY 65 UKULELES!

from +Dan Misener

Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes (Cover)

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Where is the No, and please stop bothering me about this every fifteen minutes button?

Need a recommendation for long-ish term travel medical insurance (out of Canada for 365 days). Ontario Blue Cross seems OK. Any other suggestions?
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